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2009/02/07 UPDATE

Series Titles Titles Genres Genres
Year Olds SeriesAdventure Stories for 8 Year OldsFIAD251382.83.697803303914050330391402
Year Olds SeriesAnimal Stories for 5 Year OldsFIAN1795511.697803303912520330391259
Year Olds SeriesFunny Stories for 6 Year OldsFIHU249902.83.497803303685750330368575
Year Olds SeriesScary Stories for 7 Year OldsFISS220502.83.497803303494370330349430
Year Olds SeriesScary Stories for 8 Year OldsFISS336603.64.297803303494440330349449
Year Olds SeriesFunny Stories for 7 Year OldsFISS324002.83.497803303494510330349457
Year Olds SeriesFunny Stories for 8 Year OldsFISS330003.64.297803303494680330349465
Year Olds SeriesAnimal Stories for 7 Year OldsFISS238502.83.497803303549430330354949
Year Olds SeriesMagical Stories for 6 Year OldsFISS194812.22.897803303685820330368583
Year Olds SeriesAnimal Stories for 6 Year OldsFISS163622.22.897803303685990330368591
Year Olds SeriesFunny Stories for 5 Year OldsFISS1921511.697803303912450330391240
Year Olds SeriesAdventure Stories For 5 Year OldsFISS1795511.697803303913750330391372
Year Olds SeriesAdventure Stories For 6 Year OldsFISS176252.22.897803303913820330391380
Year Olds SeriesAdventure Stories For 7 Year OldsFISS287303.64.297803303913990330391399
Year Olds SeriesBedtime Stories for 5 Year OldsFISS1634011.697803304836670330483668
Year Olds SeriesBedtime Stories for 6 Year OldsFISS176252.22.897803304836810330483684
Year Olds SeriesSchool Stories for 7 Year OldsFISS239402.83.497803304837800330483781
Year Olds SeriesSchool Stories for 8 Year OldsFISS367203.64.29780330483797033048379X
Year Olds SeriesYear Olds Series14.2
Yohan LadderYohan Lader Series2.47.5
Yohan Ladder 1Adventures of Tom SawyerFICL175403.4497848968404384896840437
Yohan Ladder 1Bottle Imp, TheFICL54502.63.297848968406364896840631
Yohan Ladder 1Canterville Ghost, TheFICL43502.63.297848968407354896840739
Yohan Ladder 1Double Life of a Very Black Cat, TheFICL51202.63.297848968407594896840755
Yohan Ladder 1Emma and the Boy Next DoorFICL60502.63.297848968407664896840763
Yohan Ladder 1Great Stone Face, TheFICL52302.63.29784896840780489684078X
Yohan Ladder 1Aesop's FablesFICL1140033.69784896840810489684081X
Yohan Ladder 1Andersen's Classic StoriesFICL1241033.697848968408274896840828
Yohan Ladder 1Andersen's Fairy TalesFICL83802.83.497848968408344896840836
Yohan Ladder 1Grimms' Fairy TalesFICL99802.83.497848968409024896840909
Yohan Ladder 1Grimms' ClassicsFICL75902.83.497848968417184896841719
Yohan Ladder 1Beauty and the BeastFICL60402.63.297848968429754896842979
Yohan Ladder 1All 4 LoveFIHU84002.83.497848968409714896840976
Yohan Ladder 1Gorsch the CellistFIJP47102.63.297848968402784896840275
Yohan Ladder 1Nose, TheFIJP28602.4397848968402924896840291
Yohan Ladder 1In the WoodsFIJP33002.4397848968403084896840305
Yohan Ladder 1ToshishunFIJP36602.63.297848968403154896840313
Yohan Ladder 1Nighthawk Star, TheFIJP23402.4397848968408654896840860
Yohan Ladder 1Run, Melos, RunFIJP47002.4397848968417324896841735
Yohan Ladder 1Buying Some GlovesFIJP13602.4397848968419614896841964
Yohan Ladder 1Gon, the FoxFIJP17702.4397848968419854896841980
Yohan Ladder 1Fjord Murder, TheFIMY66102.83.497848968409644896840968
Yohan Ladder 1First Steps in Reading EnglishFISS53602.63.297848968429824896842987
Yohan Ladder 1Yohan Ladder Level 1 (1000 Head Words)2.44
Yohan Ladder 2Alice's Adventures in WonderlandFICL2153044.597848968403774896840372
Yohan Ladder 2Little WomenFICL2596044.597848968403914896840399
Yohan Ladder 2Dog of Flanders, AFICL124703.64.297848968404074896840402
Yohan Ladder 2Jane EyreFICL2754044.597848968404144896840410
Yohan Ladder 2Little Princess, AFICL137803.64.297848968404214896840429
Yohan Ladder 2Huckleberry FinnFICL170203.84.497848968404454896840445
Yohan Ladder 2If Only They Could TalkFICL168103.84.497848968407974896840798
Yohan Ladder 2Happy Prince and Other Stories, TheFICL1600403.64.29784896841459489684145X
Yohan Ladder 2Christmas Carol, AFICL107703.64.297848968418004896841808
Yohan Ladder 2Shakespeare's Stories The Winter's TaleFICL101503.84.497848968427774896842774
Yohan Ladder 2Shakespeare's Stories Twelfth NightFICL139003.64.297848968439034896843908
Yohan Ladder 2Snow White and the Seven DwarfsFICl66503.64.297848968441844896844181
Yohan Ladder 2Tales of Two Princesses: Cinderella & Sleeping BeautyFICL66003.64.297848968444124896844416
Yohan Ladder 2Wizard of OZ, TheFIFA2330044.597848968403844896840380
Yohan Ladder 2Secret Garden, TheFIHU2091044.597848968404904896840496
Yohan Ladder 2Outsiders, TheFIHU2103044.597848968408034896840801
Yohan Ladder 2Night of the Milky Way Trainm TheFIJP151003.64.297848968402854896840283
Yohan Ladder 2Matasaburo of the WindFIJP126803.64.297848968408724896840879
Yohan Ladder 2I am a CatFIJP59403.84.497848968419164896841913
Yohan Ladder 2RakugoFIJP86603.64.297848968428144896842812
Yohan Ladder 2Signposts For Balance In Love And WorkNFNF154103.4497848968447884896844785
Yohan Ladder 2Best Short Stories of O. HenryFISS80103.4497848968404524896840453
Yohan Ladder 2O. Henry's American ScenesFISS132103.64.297848968404694896840461
Yohan Ladder 2Roald Dahl's Short MysteriesFISS162803.84.497848968407734896840771
Yohan Ladder 2Yohan Ladder Level 2 (1300 Head Words)3.44.5
Yohan Ladder 3Jungle Book, TheFIAN139004.55.597848968445804896844580
Yohan Ladder 3Hideaki Matsui Story, TheNFBI178904.55.597848968427534896842758
Yohan Ladder 3Robinson CrusoeFICL158004.55.597848968440924896844092
Yohan Ladder 3Short Stories by Edgar Allan PoeFICL166004.55.597848968449624896844963
Yohan Ladder 3Treasure IrelandFICL171404.55.597848968449794896844971
Yohan Ladder 3Three Stories of Fear and MadnessFIHR113004.55.597848968439104896843916
Yohan Ladder 3FrankensteinFIHR264004.55.597848968439274896843924
Yohan Ladder 3Good-Bye, Mr. ChipsFIHU167904.55.597848968405754896840577
Yohan Ladder 3Quill, the Life of a Guide DogFIHW110404.55.597848968417494896841743
Yohan Ladder 3TakasebuneFIJP38104.55.597848968418864896841883
Yohan Ladder 3Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, TheFIMY266004.55.59784896840476489684047X
Yohan Ladder 3From the Files of Sherlock HolmesFIMY205804.55.597848968404834896840488
Yohan Ladder 3Adventures of Sherlock HolmesFIMY203504.55.597848968409194896840917
Yohan Ladder 3Yohan Ladder Level 3 (1600 Head Words)4.55.5
Yohan Ladder 4Winnie-the-PoohFICL222405697848968406124896840615
Yohan Ladder 4House at Pooh Corner, TheFICL257605.25.797848968406294896840623
Yohan Ladder 4Greek MythsFICL1086055.597848968409264896840925
Yohan Ladder 4Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeFICL125705.56.597848968428524896842855
Yohan Ladder 4DraculaFICl275805.56.597848968438734896843878
Yohan Ladder 4Gulliver's TravelsFICL235005.56.597848968442454896844246
Yohan Ladder 4Trojan War, TheFIHI59904.85.397848968408414896840844
Yohan Ladder 4NakedFIHU27005.56.59784896842746489684274X
Yohan Ladder 4Oliver TwistFIHU129905.56.597848968428454896842847
Yohan Ladder 4Great Catsby, TheFIHU219205.56.597848968428694896842863
Yohan Ladder 4Princess Diaris, TheFIHU603606797848968444814896844483
Yohan Ladder 4One Liter of Tears: A Young Girl's Fight for LifeFIHU467005.56.597848968449554896844955
Yohan Ladder 4BotchanFIJP191005.56.597848968419784896841972
Yohan Ladder 4In the PoolFIJP159805.56.597848968427394896842731
Yohan Ladder 4Living Long, Living GoodNFJP303105.56.597848968427844896842782
Yohan Ladder 4Japan FAQFINF2165055.597848968403464896840348
Yohan Ladder 4Get to Know the USA Vol.1:Enjoy Your VisitNFNF2008055.597848968403534896840356
Yohan Ladder 4Get to Know the USA Vol.2:Enjoy Your StayNFNF1637055.597848968408964896840895
Yohan Ladder 470 Japanese GesturesNFNF66505.56.597848968428214896842820
Yohan Ladder 4Readings from the National Center Test for EnglishFISS105205.56.597848968442694896844262
Yohan Ladder 4Carlos Ghosn Story, TheFITR147005.56.597848968439724896843975
Yohan Ladder 4Yohan Ladder Level 4 (2000 Head Words)57
Yohan Ladder 5Japanese Financial System, TheNFEC68905.569784896840339489684033X
Yohan Ladder 5Japanese Stock Market, TheNFEC63105.5697848968408894896840887
Yohan Ladder 5Technique for Producing Ideas, ANFEC64205.569784896840957489684095X
Yohan Ladder 5Japanese Economy, TheNFEC73105.5697848968414734896841476
Yohan Ladder 5JapanF A Short HistoryNFHI165206797848968403604896840364
Yohan Ladder 5Japan: A Short HistoryNFHI185006.57.597848968441774896844173
Yohan Ladder 5Last Flight Home, TheFIJP417606.57.597848968402544896840259
Yohan Ladder 5Wall of Fools, TheFIJP380106.57.597848968402614896840267
Yohan Ladder 5Yellow Tent on the RoofFIJP110906.57.597848968419924896841999
Yohan Ladder 5Fruits of ShinjukuFIJP102006.57.597848968425244896842529
Yohan Ladder 5Bushido: The Soul of JapanNFJP168006.57.597848968444294896844424
Yohan Ladder 5Global Warming: History, Science and PoliticsNFSC84006.57.597848968443994896844394
Yohan Ladder 5Man Who Planted Trees, TheFITR34805.5697848968409334896840933
Yohan Ladder 5Yohan Ladder Level 5 (unlimited)5.57.5
Yoko and Friends School DaysBubble-Gum RadarFIEA7501.01.497807868152890786815280
Yoko and Friends School DaysHalloween Parade, TheFIEA7701.01.497807868152960786815299
Yoko and Friends School DaysDoris's DinosaurFIEA7501.01.497807868153260786815329
Yoko and Friends School DaysRead Me a StoryFIEA7501.01.497807868153330786815337
Yoko and Friends School DaysGerm Busters, TheFIEA7501.01.497807868153400786815345
Yoko and Friends School DaysSecret Birthday, TheFIEA7501.01.497807868153570786815353
Yoko and Friends School DaysWhen I Grow UpFIEA7501.01.49780786815371078681537X
Yoko and Friends School DaysYoko and Friends School Days1.01.4
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be in Alexander The Great's Army!HI287333.597805311239040531123901
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Sail on the Mayflower!HI313233.59780531123911053112391X
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Crusader!HI300233.597805311239280531123928
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Explore With Sir Francis Drake!HI276833.597805311239350531123936
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Travel With Captain Cook!HI220033.597805311244680531124460
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be at the Boston Tea Party!HI220033.597805311244750531124479
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Roman Soldier!HI220033.597805311244820531124487
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Work on the Great Wall of China!NFHI300833.597805311244990531124495
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Sail with Christopher Columbus!NFHI272733.597805311606020531160602
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Slave in Ancient Greece!NFHI256633.597805311620330531162036
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Roman Gladiator!HI196433.597805311620400531162044
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Viking Explorer!HI245133.597805311620570531162052
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an Egyptian Mummy!NFHI273833.597805311620640531162060
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Polar Explorer!HI244933.597805311620710531162079
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Work on the Railroad!HI241433.597805311620880531162087
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an Aztec Sacrifice!FIHI28623.03.597805311620950531162095
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Sail on the Titanic!NFHI266833.597805311621010531162109
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be Sick in the 16th Century!FIHI22773.03.597805311636650531163660
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Live in a Wild West Town!HI172833.597805311636720531163679
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Pirate's Prisoner!HI243533.597805311636890531163687
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an American Pioneer!HI206433.597805311636960531163695
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Civil War Soldier!NFHI268033.597805311639310531163938
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Greek Athlete!HI249033.597805311639480531163946
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Medieval Knight!FIHI28003.03.597805311639550531163954
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Pyramid Builder!HI211433.597805311639620531163962
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Mammoth Hunter!HI188033.597805311639790531163970
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an American Colonist!NFHI250933.597805311639860531163989
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Sail on a 19th Century Whaling Ship!HI322733.597805311639930531163997
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be in a Medieval Dungeon!FIHI30433.03.597805311665120531166511
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a 19th-century Coal Miner in England!HI220033.597805311699640531169960
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Victorian Servant!NFHI250033.597805311699710531169979
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an 18th-Century British Convict!:HI220033.597805311699880531169987
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Sail in the Spanish Armada!HI220033.597805311699950531169995
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be an Assyrian Soldier!HI220033.597805311892210531189228
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be Cleopatra!HI220033.597805311892380531189236
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be Tutankhamen!HI220033.597805311892450531189244
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be Married to Henry VIII!NFHI208033.597807502359690750235969
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be a Victorian Schoolchild!NFHI250033.597807502360100750236019
You Wouldn't Want to ...You Would't Want to„„„HI33.5
You Wouldn't Want to ...... Be on Apollo 13!NFNF333133.597805311665050531166503
Young RoyalsBeware, Princess ElizabethFIHI465735697801520455620152045562
Young RoyalsDoomed Queen AnneFIHI526355697801520508630152050868
Young RoyalsMary,bloody MaryFIHI458905697801521645600152164561
Young RoyalsYoung Royals56

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