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2009/02/07 UPDATE

Series Titles Titles Genres Genres
Jack Frost MysteryFrost at ChristmasFI1880007.08.097805535716840553571680
Jack Frost MysteryTouch of Frost, AFI21150007.08.097805535716910553571699
Jack Frost MysteryNight FrostFI31120007.08.097805535716770553571672
Jack Frost MysteryHard FrostFI41410007.08.097805535717070553571702
Jack Frost MysteryJack Frost MysteryMY7.08.0
Jake DrakeJake Drake, Bully BusterFI187513.04.097806898388040689838808
Jake DrakeJake Drake, Know-It-AllFI2125983.04.097806898388110689838816
Jake DrakeJake Drake, Teacher's PetFI3129933.04.097806898388280689838824
Jake DrakeJake Drake, Class ClownFI4101533.04.097806898391600689839162
Jake DrakeJake DrakeSA3.04.0
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Grime and PunishmentFI1587326.57.597803807640060380764008
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Farewell to Yarns, AFI2588396.57.597803807639930380763990
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Quiche Before Dying, AFI3483356.57.597803807693220380769328
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Class Menagerie, TheFI4553466.57.597803807738000380773805
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Knife to Remember, AFI5502246.57.597803807738170380773813
Jane Jeffry Mysteries From Here to PaternityFI6623426.57.597803807771500380777150
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Silence of the HamsFI7540566.57.597803807771670380777169
Jane Jeffry Mysteries War and PeasFI8541306.57.597803807870670380787067
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Fear of Frying FI9503586.57.597803807870740380787075
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Merchant of Menace FI10515166.57.597803807944920380794497
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Groom With a View, A FI11531766.57.597803807945080380794500
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Mulch Ado About Nothing FI12520686.57.597803808049170380804913
Jane Jeffry Mysteries House of Seven Mabels, TheFI13513226.57.597803808049240380804921
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Bell, Book, and Scandal FI14469276.57.597800600990080060099003
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Midsummer Night's Scream, A FI15513816.57.597800605010060060501006
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Accidental Florist, TheFI16458236.57.597800605284540060528451
Jane Jeffry Mysteries Jane Jeffry Mysteries MY6.57.5
Janie's StoryFace on the Milk Carton, TheFI1411495.06.097804402206570440220653
Janie's StoryWhatever Happened to Janie?FI2451285.06.097804402192480440219248
Janie's StoryVoice on the Radio, TheFI3411275.06.097804402197740440219779
Janie's StoryWhat Janie FoundFI4397935.06.097804402277240440227720
Jennie McGrady MysteriesPursuedFIAD448804.54.597815566133331556613334
Jennie McGrady MysteriesFrom the AshesFIFI500004.54.597815566156341556615639
Jennie McGrady MysteriesToo Many SecretsFILV428094597815566133191556613318
Jennie McGrady MysteriesSilent WitnessFILV370004597815566133261556613326
Jennie McGrady MysteriesDeceivedFIMY440004.54.597815566133401556613342
Jennie McGrady MysteriesJennie McGrady Mysteries45
Jenny ArcherNibble, Nibble, Jenny ArcherFICO57112.53.597803161520680316152064
Jenny ArcherJob for Jenny Archer, AFICO65662.53.597803161534920316153494
Jenny ArcherCase for Jenny Archer, AFICO53402.53.597803161535220316153524
Jenny ArcherJenny Archer, AuthorFICO53272.53.597803161535390316153532
Jenny ArcherWhat's Cooking, Jenny Archer?FICO58632.53.597803161535770316153575
Jenny ArcherJenny Archer to The RescueFICO44052.53.597803161536900316153699
Jenny ArcherCan Do, Jenny ArcherFICO50752.53.597803161537200316153729
Jenny ArcherJenny Archer2.53.5
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesStar the Snowy KittenFIAN460022.597803303745140330374516
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesFelix the Fluffy KittenFIAN480122.597803303745380330374532
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesPatch the Perfect KittenFIAN500022.597803303745690330374567
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesLucy the Lonely KittenFIAN490022.597803303745760330374575
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesSid the Speedy KittenFIAN450022.597803303973600330397362
Jenny Dale's Kitten TalesJenny Dale's Kitten Tales22.5
Jenny's Cat ClubJenny and the Cat ClubFIAN120003497815901704721590170474
Jenny's Cat ClubJenny's Birthday BookFIAN7511.52.597815901715471590171543
Jenny's Cat ClubJenny's Moonlight AdventureFIAN26003497815901716081590171608
Jenny's Cat ClubSchool for Cats, TheFIAN2718349781590171738159017173X
Jenny's Cat ClubCaptains of the City StreetsFIAN184873497815901717451590171748
Jenny's Cat ClubJenny's Cat Club1.54
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, TheFI163972.03.097805906912530590691252
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Christmas Snowman, TheFI263902.03.097805906912600590691260
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Secret Valentine, TheFI362792.03.097805906912770590691279
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Spooky Sleepover, TheFI460432.03.097805906912910590691295
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Stolen Baseball Cards, TheFI557952.03.097804390808350439080835
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Mummy Mystery, TheFI657792.03.097804390809410439080940
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Runaway Dog, TheFI758142.03.097804391142640439114268
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Great Sled Race, TheFI855722.03.097804391142710439114276
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Stinky Science Project, TheFI956632.03.097804391142880439114284
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Ghostwriter, TheFI1055032.03.097804391142950439114292
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Marshmallow Monster, TheFI1156272.03.097804391847310439184738
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Class Clown, TheFI1255202.03.097804391847480439184746
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Detective in Disguise, TheFI1358132.03.097804391847620439184762
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Bicycle Bandit, TheFI1457922.03.097804391847790439184770
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Haunted Scarecrow, TheFI1561902.03.09780439306379043930637X
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Sneaker Sneak, TheFI1660152.03.097804393063860439306388
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Disappearing Dinosaur, TheFI1764412.03.097804393063930439306396
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Bear Scare, TheFI1855312.03.09780439306409043930640X
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Golden Key, TheFI1958372.03.097804394262820439426286
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Race Against Time, TheFI2067702.03.097804394263050439426308
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Rainy Day Mystery, TheFI2157042.03.097804394263120439426316
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Best Pet Ever, TheFI2265882.03.097804395599590439559952
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Perfect Prank, TheFI2360002.03.097804395599660439559960
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost, TheFI2460002.03.097804395599800439559987
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Vanishing Painting, TheFI2560002.03.09780439661652043966165X
Jigsaw Jones MysteryCase of the Double Trouble Detectives, TheFI2661172.03.097804396780490439678048
Jigsaw Jones MysteryJigsaw Jones MysteryMY2.03.0
Johansen, IrisWind Dancer, TheFILV1100008.09.097805532885510553288555
Johansen, IrisStorm WindsFILV1500008.09.097805532903250553290320
Johansen, IrisMagnificent Rogue, TheFILV1100008.09.097805532994410553299441
Johansen, IrisJohansen, Iris 【Author】8.09.0
John CoreyPlum IslandFI11764218.09.097804466054030446605409
John CoreyLion's Game, The FI22366208997804466082680446608262
John CoreyJohn CoreyMY8.09
Jones, Diana WynneJones, Diana Wynne 【Author】6.08.5
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Charmed LifeFI1610007.08.097806881554690688155464
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Lives of Christopher Chant, The FI2780007.08.097806881636550688163653
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Magicians of Caprona, TheFI3630007.08.09780688166137068816613X
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Witch WeekFI4640007.08.097806881554520688155456
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Mixed Magics: Four Tales of ChrestomanciFI5380007.08.097800644101820064410188
Jones, Diana Wynne (Chrest)Chrestomanci ?NovelsFA7.08.0
Jones, Diana Wynne (Howl)Howl's Moving CastleFI1745857.58.59780064410342006441034X
Jones, Diana Wynne (Howl)Castle in the AirFI2663787.58.597800644734530064473457
Jones, Diana Wynne (Howl)Howl's Moving CastleFA7.58.5
Jones, Diana Wynne (その他)Year of the GriffinFIFA905287.08.09780064473354006447335X
Jones, Diana Wynne (その他)Dark Lord of DerkholmFIFA1189817.08.097800644733610064473368
Jones, Diana Wynne (その他)Believing is Seeing: Seven StoriesFIFA517096.07.097806881684380688168434
Jones, Diana Wynne (その他)Tough Guide to Fantasyland, TheFIFA622036.07.097808867783230886778328
Jones, Diana Wynne (その他)Jones, Diana Wynne (others)517096.07.0
Judy MoodyJudy MoodyFI1110833.04.097807636123130763612316
Judy MoodyJudy Moody Gets Famous!FI292413.04.097807636193120763619310
Judy MoodyJudy Moody Saves the World!FI3105703.04.097807636208750763620874
Judy MoodyJudy Moody Predicts the FutureFI4109043.04.097807636234320763623431
Judy MoodyDoctor Judy MoodyFI5116803.04.09780744593624074459362X
Judy MoodyJudy Moody, Stink, and the Holly JolidayFICO3497807636323730763632376
Judy MoodyJudy Moody Declares IndependenceFICO110013497814063023011406302309
Judy MoodyAround the World in 8 1/2 DaysFIFI115993497807636283210763628328
Judy MoodyJudy MoodyHU34
Julian and Huey SeriesGloria's WayFIHU93402.53.597801423002370142300233
Julian and Huey SeriesMore Stories Julian TellsFIHU62492.53.597803948245430394824547
Julian and Huey SeriesStories Julian Tells, TheFIHU60062.53.597803948289230394828925
Julian and Huey SeriesJulian's Glorious SummerFIHU56692.53.597803948911700394891171
Julian and Huey SeriesGloria RisingFIHU102893.04.097804404199830440419980
Julian and Huey SeriesJulian, Secret AgentFIHU76472.53.597805525482360552548235
Julian and Huey SeriesJulian Stories, TheFIHU60062.53.597805525482430552548243
Julian and Huey SeriesJulian, Dream DoctorFIHU63712.53.597806798052430679805249
Julian and Huey SeriesMore Stories Huey TellsFIHU119803.04.097806798836300679883630
Julian and Huey SeriesStories Huey Tells, TheFIHU89212.52.597806798855970679885595
Julian and Huey SeriesJulian and Huey Series2.54.0
Junie B. Jonesunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusFI166402.53.597806798264220679826424
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey BusinessFI264082.53.597806798388690679838864
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat MouthFI354942.53.597806798440750679844074
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky SpyingFI459162.53.597806798510110679851011
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky FruitcakeFI573892.53.597806798669470679866949
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's BirthdayFI679342.53.597806798669540679866957
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome WarrenFI759182.53.597806798669610679866965
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her BedFI858842.53.597806798669780679866973
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is Not a CrookFI954582.53.597806798834250679883428
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is a Party AnimalFI1063422.53.59780679886631067988663X
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop GuyFI1157942.53.597806798893110679889310
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones Smells Something FishyFI1256892.53.597806798913070679891307
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower GirlFI1363512.53.597803758003820375800387
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy ValentimeFI1463322.53.597803758003990375800395
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket FI1556842.53.597803758004050375800409
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is Captain Field DayFI1660882.53.597803758029110375802916
Junie B. JonesJunie B. Jones is a Graduation GirlFI1763852.53.597803758029280375802924
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader (At Last!)FI1858822.53.597803758151640375815163
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: Boss of LunchFI1965682.53.597803758029420375802940
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: Toothless WonderFI2077362.53.597803758222300375822232
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: Cheater PantsFI2172082.53.597803758230220375823026
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: One-Man BandFI2271212.53.597803758253610375825363
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: ShipwreckedFI2360002.53.597803758280580375828052
Junie B. JonesJunie B., First Grader: Boo...And I Mean It!FI2473572.53.597803758280650375828060
Junie B. JonesJunie B. JonesSA2.53.5

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