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2009/02/07 UPDATE

Series Titles Titles Genres Genres
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewScream for Ice Cream FIMY1152733.597814169125381416912533
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewSleepover SleuthsFIMY1015233.59781416912552141691255X
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewCinderella Ballet Mystery, TheFIMY1019533.597814169125691416912568
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewPony ProblemsFIMY1076733.597814169181581416918159
Nancy Drew and the Clue CrewNancy Drew and the Clue Crew33.5
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveWithout a TraceFIMY3160944.59780689865664068986566X
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveRace Against Time, AFIMY2945044.597806898656710689865678
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveFalse NotesFIMY3034044.597806898656880689865686
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveHigh RiskFIMY2888344.597806898656950689865694
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveLights, CameracFIMY3000044.597806898657010689865708
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveAction!FIMY2700044.597806898657180689865716
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveStolen Relic, TheFIMY2942544.59780689868436068986843X
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveScarlet Macaw Scandal, TheFIMY2918544.597806898684430689868448
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveFishing for CluesFIMY2700044.597814169352541416935258
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveIntruderFIMY3000044.597814169352611416935266
Nancy Drew Girl DetectiveNancy Drew Girl Detective44.5
Nancy Drew MysterySecret of the Old Clock, TheFI1360004.55.597804480950110448095017
Nancy Drew MysteryHidden Staircase, TheFI2370004.55.597804480950280448095025
Nancy Drew MysteryBungalow Mystery, TheFI3360004.55.597804480950350448095033
Nancy Drew MysteryMystery at Lilac Inn, TheFI4360004.55.597804480950420448095041
Nancy Drew MysterySecret of Shadow Ranch, TheFI5360004.55.59780448095059044809505X
Nancy Drew MysterySecret of Red Gate Farm, TheFI6360004.55.597804480950660448095068
Nancy Drew MysteryCase of the Twin Teddy Bears, TheFI116280004.55.597806717930290671793020
Nancy Drew MysteryMystery of the Mother Wolf, TheFI164320004.55.597807434374310743437438
Nancy Drew MysteryCase of the Creative Crime, TheFI166275004.05.097807434374860743437489
Nancy Drew MysteryMystery By MoonlightFI167277004.55.597807434376220743437624
Nancy Drew MysteryNancy Drew MysteryMY4.55.5
NarniaNarnia@--> Chronicles of Narnia, The --> Narnia ChapterbooksFA6.08.0
Narnia Chapter BooksEdmund's StruggleFIFA799533.597800608523130060852313
Narnia Chapter BooksLucy's AdventureFIFA790033.59780060852337006085233X
Narnia Chapter BooksPeter's DestinyFIFA772033.597800608523510060852356
Narnia Chapter BooksSusan's JourneyFIFA795133.597800608523750060852372
Narnia Chapter BooksNarnia Chapter Book33.5
Nate the GreatNate the GreatFI115851.21.49780440461265044046126X
Nate the GreatNate the Great Goes UndercoverFI216411.21.497804404630230440463025
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Lost ListFI315851.21.497804404628280440462827
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Phony ClueFI415331.21.497804404630090440463009
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Sticky CaseFI516311.21.497804404628970440462894
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Missing KeyFI616351.21.49780440461913044046191X
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Snowy TrailFI718911.21.497804404627670440462762
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Fishy PrizeFI826011.52.597804404003940440400392
Nate the GreatNate the Great Stalks StupidweedFI921691.52.59780440401506044040150X
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Boring Beach BagFI1020031.52.597804404016810440401682
Nate the GreatNate the Great Goes Down in the DumpsFI1122281.52.59780440404385044040438X
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Halloween HuntFI1220211.52.597804404034180440403413
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Musical NoteFI1323221.52.597804404046680440404665
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Stolen BaseFI1421151.52.597804404093280440409322
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the PillowcaseFI1522581.52.597804404101570440410150
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Mushy ValentineFI1620781.52.597804404101330440410134
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Tardy TortoiseFI1720641.52.597804404126940440412692
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Crunchy ChristmasFI1822201.52.597804404129910440412994
Nate the GreatNate the Great Saves the King of SwedenFI1922341.52.597804404130280440413028
Nate the GreatNate the Great and Me: The Case of the Fleeing FangFI2026921.52.597804404138130440413818
Nate the GreatNate the Great, San Francisco DetectiveFI2123281.52.597804404182140440418216
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Big SniffFI2219171.52.597804404150220440415020
Nate the GreatNate the Great and the Monster MessFI2320901.52.597804404166230440416620
Nate the GreatNate the Great on the Owl ExpressFI2425141.52.597804404192730440419271
Nate the GreatNate the Great Talks TurkeyFI2545271.52.597804404212690440421268
Nate the GreatNate the GreatMY1.22.5
Neal Carey MysteriesCool Breeze on the Underground, AFI1892717.08.097803129586400312958641
Neal Carey MysteriesTrail to Buddha's Mirror, TheFI21000007.08.097803129630950312963092
Neal Carey MysteriesWay Down on the High LonelyFI3854877.08.097803129642210312964226
Neal Carey MysteriesNeal Carey MysteriesMY7.08.0
Nina Fairy BallerinaGlitter ClubFIHU92002.83.898702300153710230015379
Nina Fairy BallerinaStar TurnFIHU91002.83.898702300153880230015387
Nina Fairy BallerinaNew GirlFIHU97002.83.897803304398550330439855
Nina Fairy BallerinaDaisy ShoesFIHU97002.83.897803304398620330439863
Nina Fairy BallerinaBest FriendsFIHU95002.83.897803304398790330439871
Nina Fairy BallerinaShow TimeFIHU101002.83.89780330439886033043988X
Nina Fairy BallerinaDouble TroubleFIHU95002.83.897803304462040330446207
Nina Fairy BallerinaFlying ColoursFIHU99002.83.897803304462280330446223
Nina Fairy BallerinaParty MagicFIHU99002.83.897803304477820330447785
Nina Fairy BallerinaDream TreatFIHU94002.83.897803304478050330447807
Nina Fairy BallerinaNina Fairy Ballerina2.83.8
Nixon, Joan LoweryTrap, TheFICS4070055.797804402287070440228700
Nixon, Joan LoweryDeadly Game of Magic, A FIHR400005.56.297801520503060152050302
Nixon, Joan LoweryKidnapping of Christina Lattimore, TheFIMY686256.07.097801520503130152050310
Nixon, Joan LoweryName of the Game was Murder, TheFIMY582406.07.097804402191630440219167
Nixon, Joan LoweryOther Side of Dark, TheFIMY651206.07.097804409663880440966388
Nixon, Joan LoweryNixon, Joan Lowery yAuthorz6.07.0

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