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2009/02/07 UPDATE

Series Titles Titles Genres Genres
QED Start ReadingGreat Big Friend Hunt, TheFIEA5000.70.997818453831451845383141
QED Start ReadingJolly Rascal, TheFIEA3490.81.09781845383152184538315X
QED Start ReadingSaid Mouse to Mole FIEA2650.81.097818453831691845383168
QED Start ReadingReady for a PicnicFIEA5290.70.997818453831761845383176
QED Start ReadingSea CreaturesNFNF4510.70.997818453831071845383109
QED Start ReadingAnimals in Danger NFNF5100.70.997818453831141845383117
QED Start ReadingChildren Around the WorldNFNF2960.60.897818453831211845383125
QED Start ReadingFirst Experiences: Going to the Dentist NFNF2970.81.097818453831381845383133
QED Start ReadingQED Start Reading0.61.0
QED Start TalkingTeddy's Birthday FIEA2680.40.697818453830601845383060
QED Start TalkingLenny's Lost SpotsFIEA1740.40.697818453830771845383079
QED Start TalkingWhen I'm a Grown-UpFIEA1380.40.697818453830841845383087
QED Start TalkingOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeFIEA6180.60.897818453830911845383095
QED Start TalkingSeasons, TheNFNF2100.40.697818453830221845383028
QED Start TalkingCamouflage NFNF1740.40.697818453830391845383036
QED Start TalkingLife Cycles: From Caterpillar to Butterfly NFNF1240.40.697818453830461845383044
QED Start TalkingFirst Experiences: Going to the Doctor NFNF1620.40.697818453830531845383052
QED Start TalkingQED Start Talking0.40.8
QED Start WritingLittle Red Riding Hood FIEA6610.81.297818453832201845383222
QED Start WritingTiddalik the FrogFIEA5310.70.997818453832371845383230
QED Start WritingWonderful Gift, The FIEA6020.81.297818453832441845383249
QED Start WritingStroke the CatFIEA7320.81.297818453832511845383257
QED Start WritingHow Does It Grow?: From Seed to Sunflower NFNF4910.70.997818453831831845383184
QED Start WritingPuppets Around the World NFNF5840.70.997818453831901845383192
QED Start WritingVolcanoes and Earthquakes NFNF6630.81.297818453832061845383206
QED Start WritingWhat's in the SkyNFNF5020.70.997818453832131845383214
QED Start WritingQED Start Writing0.71.2

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