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Graded Readers の誤植・誤内容 (mistypo & errors)

書名 出版社 シリーズ名 誤植・誤内容
The Coldest Place on Earth Oxford Bookwrorms Stage 1 p16 line
The Wispering Knights Oxford Bookwrorms Stage 4 p16 line 7 from bottom
Wrong: though
Right: thought
Jaws LONGMAN Penguin Readers 2 p16 line 8:  `I don't know の後には『,'』か、少なくとも『'』がいる。
p23 line 9: `Who knows?' ... の ? の後の『'』はいらない. (のり)
MYSTERIOUS ISLAND LONGMAN Penguin Readers 2 back: 背表紙には、three menとあるが、実際には、Four men and a boy (マリコ)
SWEET VALLEY HIGH-SECRETS LONGMAN Penguin Readers 2 p17:line 7 from bottom:  soo --> soon (あきお)
The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories LONGMAN Penguin Readers 4 p33 line 12: and a there was --> and there was
STRANGERS ON A TRAIN LONGMAN Penguin Readers 4 p43 line 5 Gerald ---> Gerard (のり)
Wuthering Heights LONGMAN Penguin Readers 5 p52:line 2 from bottom: she sat a for while --> she sat for a while (ワタナベ)
Madame Bovary LONGMAN Penguin Readers 5 p46 line 28 Homais looked at her in "surpise."--> "surprise"  (マリコ)
Brave New World LONGMAN Penguin Readers 6 p74 line 10 from the bottom:afraid that she might he ---> she might be
Captain Corelli's Mandolin LONGMAN Penguin Readers 6 p90 Pegalia --> Pelagia
Two Llives Cambridge English Readers 3 From p10 to p11 "and" --> "had". (Shin)
The Sugar Glider Cambridge English Readers 4 p58 lin3
Wrong: And Don coming back had changed things.
Right: And Don's coming back had changed things.(あきお)
Frozen Pizzas and other slices of life Cambridge English Readers 5 p88:the bottom line: as they we went --> as they went (ワタナベ)
He knows too Much Cambrigde English Readers 6 Glossary. p. 110
Wrong:  Crore:  A crore is 100,000 rupees
Right:  Crore: A crore is 10,000,000 rupees
  Lakh: A lakh is 100,000 rupees. (あきお)
This Time it's Personal Cambridge English Readers 6 p10 line 8
Wrong: Some of them they discovered
Right: Some of them discovered(あきお)
The Mark of Zorro Macmillan Guided Readers
p52 line 15
Wrong: The he jumped
Right: Then he jumped . (のり)
A Kiss Befor Dying Macmillan Guided Readers Intermdeiate p60 line 60 Dorothy ---> Ellen (ジアス)
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Macmillan Guided Readers Intermdeiate Glosaryは24がダブっているため、94頁以下の番号がすべて1つずつずずれています (まりあ)
The Woman Who Disappeared Macmillan Guded Readers Intermeidate p31 the Mansion building --> the Manson Buliding (のり)
The Queen of Death Macmillan Guded Readers Intermeidate p51  Iying --> lying (くいめい)

Graded Readers のホントではなさそうだけど本当の内容

書名 出版社 シリーズ名 不思議な点
Snow Falling on Cedars LONGMAN Penguin Readers 6 主人公の被告は、日本語の翻訳では、「鈴木カズオ」となっているが、原作では Kabuo Suzuki で、Kabuoは誤りではない。(日本人としては「?」ですね)

Graded Readers の問題点

書名 出版社 シリーズ名 問題点
Sherlock Holms OXFORD UP Bookworm 2 p39 the definition of gypsies is a littile offensive. ( free people などの表現の方が適切)
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