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CODE Series Title Publisher/Author Updated Date
ATZ A to Z Mysteries Penguin Random House, US 2017/08/23
ARA Alex Rider Adventures Horowitz, Anthony 2017/08/28 Updated
Alice Alice Lowrry, Lowis 2017/08/28
AMB Amber Brown Danziger, Paula 2017/08/28
AMG American Girls Shaw, Janet Beeler 2017/08/28
ATM Atamaii Readers Atama ii books 2018/09/23 New  
BSC Babysitters Club (Graphic Novels) Scholastic, UA 2019/09/17 New  
BCE Black Cat Early Readers Cideb, Italy 2017/08/30 Updated
BCG Black Cat Green Apples Cideb, Italy 2017/08/30 Updated
BCL Black Cat Life Skills Cideb, Italy 2018/06/12 New  
BCT Black Cat Read and Trainning Cideb, Italy 2017/8/30 Updated
BDF Buddy Files Dori Hillestad Butler 2018/12/19 New  
CCR Compass Classic Readers Compass, KR 2018/04/24    
CDIR Cambridge Discovery Interactive Readers Cambridge, UK 2017/09/20 New Correct word count is now available
CER Cambrdige English Readers Cambridge, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
CEXR Cambridge Experience Readers Cambridge, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
CSB Cambridge Storybox Cambridge, UK 2017/09/20
CUP Captain Underpats series Schoalstic, US 2017/08/23 Updated
CHERUB Cherub Muchamore. Robert 2017/11/08 New With the help from Ben Shearon
CPR Compass Readers Compass Publishing, KR 2017/08/23 New
CCD Cupcake Diaries Simon, Coco 2017/09/20 New
CPT Dengage Page Turners Cengage Learning 2021/06/14 Updated  
Dessen Sarah Dessen Dessen, Sarah 2017/08/30 New
DRF Dresden Files Butcher, Jim 2017/11/08 New
DW David Walliamns David Walliamns 2019/12/21 New  
ELIY Eli Young Readers Eli, Italy 2017/08/30 Updated
FFV Famous Five Blyton, Enid 2017/11/07  
FJR Future Job Readers  Seed Learning, Korea 2018/04/10 New   
FLG Fly Guy Tedd, Arnold 2017/11/07 Updated  
Forman Gale Forman Forman, Gale 2018/01/08 New  
FXR Foxton Readers Foxton, UK 2019/10/26 New  
GSB Goosebumps Stine, R. L. 2017/09/14 New
HPR Halico Pocket Readers Halico, Japan 2022/01/13 New  
HTL Haunted Libray Butler, Dori Hillestad 2017/09/20 New
HBR Helbring Readers Helbring, AU 2019/01/07 New  
ICR I Can Read HarperCollins, US
IVB Ivy+Bean Barrows, Annie 2017/08/29 Updated
JAJ Jack and Jill Happy House, Korea 2017/08/29
JBJ Junie B Jones Park, Barbara 2017/08/23
JYF JY First Readers JY Books, KR 2017/09/08 New By courtesy of Wao Corporation
JW Jaqueline Wilson Wilson, Jacquline 2019/12/20    
KAK King & Kayla Dori Hillestad Butler 2018/12/19  New  
LBR Ladybird Readers Penguin Random House, UK 2017/08/23 New
LGBT LGBT Selections 2017/08/30 New
LSR Little Sprout Readers e-future, KR 2017/09/19 New .
MMR Macmillan Readers Macmillan, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
MMSR Macmiilan Read Smart Readers Level1- 5 Macmillan, JP 2018/08/20 New  
MGA Magic Adventures  e-future, KR 2017/12/25 New  
MGB Magic Bones Penguin Random House, US 2017/08/30 New
MTH Magic Tree House Osobrne, Mary Pope 2017/08/25 Updated
Murpurgo Marpurgo, Michael Marpurgo, Michael 2017/08/30
NTG Nate the Great Sharmat. Marjorie Weinman 2014/03/20
NGK National Geograpphic Kids National Geographic, US 2017/08/23 New
OBW Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
ODM Oxford Dominoes Oxford, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
Oxford Proect X / Project X CODE Oxford, UK 2020/01/11 New  
ORI Oxford Read and Imagine Oxford, UK 2017/08/23 New
ORT Oxford Reading Tree (Kipper Series) Oxford, UK 2017/08/23 New
ORTDD ORT Develop and Decode Oxford, UK 2017/08/30 Updated
ORTE ORT Explorer with Biff, Chip and Kipper Oxford, UK 2018/04/29    
ORTFP ORT Floppy's Phonics Oxford, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
ORTI ORT In-Fact Oxford, UK 2017/12/28 New  
ORTTT ORT Tree Tops  Oxford, UK 2015/08/20    See also here.
OSB ORT Songbirds Oxford, UK  2017/11/13    
OTC ORT Time Chronicles Oxford, UK 2017/09/20
OTT Oxford (Reading Tree) Traditional Tales Oxford, UK 2017/08/23
PER Pearson(Penguin) Engish Readers Pearson Educatiion, UK 2017/08/23 Updated
PAR Peason Engiish Active Readers Pearson Educatiion, UK 2017/08/25 Updated
PEK Pearson Engish Kids Readers Pearson Educatiion, UK 2021/06/09 Updated
PES Pearson English Story Readers Pearson Educatiion, UK 2017/12/29 New  
PNT Peanuts for Kids Simon and Shuster. US 2018/10/11 New Including RTR
PGY Penguin/Puffin Young Readers Penguin Random House, US 2017/09/20 New
PPL Poppleton Rylant, Cynthia 2017/11/28    
PR Penguin Readers Penguin Random House, UK 2021/06/09 Updated  
PRD Princess Diaries Cabot, Meg 2017/11/28 Updated
RP Reading Planet Rising Stars, UK 2017/11/04 New
RA Ready, Action! Happy House, KR 2017/09/20 New
RRR Richmond Robin Readers/ Hueber ELTS, UK 2020/10/12 New  
RTR Ready-to-Read Readers Simon and Schuster, US 2017/09/20 Updated
SAD School Adventures   e-future, Korea 2017/12/25 New   
SCE Schlastic ELT Readers Scholastic, UK 2017/08/25 Updated
SCR Scholastic Readers (for young children) Scholastic, US 2017/08/25 Updated
SPR Scholastic Popcorn Readers Scholastic, UK 2017/08/25 Updated
Slated Slated (Young Adult) Terry, Teri 2017/09/09 Updated
SPB Springboard Macmillan, Australia 2017/09/20
SPBC Springboard Connect Macmillan, Australia 2017/08/25 New
SIR Step Into Reading Penguin Random House, US 2017/09/22 Updated
TTR Tip Top Readers Compass, KR 2018/04/24 New  
THD Threads Bennett, Sophia 2017/08/30 New
10W 10 Ways to  Halico, JP 2019/10/04 New  
VAH Vera Alien Unter e-future,KR 2017/12/25 New   
WDU Whodunit Penguin Random House, US 2017/08/30 New
What_was What is / What was Penguin Random House, US 2017/09/11 New
Where_is Where is Penguin Random House, US 2017/09/11 New
Who_was Who was / Who is Penguin Random House, US 2017/09/11 New
WHR World History Readers Seed Learning, Korea 2017/08/23 New
WHWN White Wolves (Non-Fiction) Bloomsbury Publishing, UK 2017/09/11 New
YER Young ELi Readers ELi, Italy 2017/8/30 Updated

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