Re: my favrite books

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577. Re: my favrite books

お名前: タエ
投稿日: 2007/2/15(22:09)


〉Hi Kiri.
〉To be honest I'm not interested at Pokemon.
〉Nate the great is boy detectiv who solv case that his friends ask him.
〉Info trail is notfiction .They hav siens, history, and giografy.
〉Try them.

hi chip butI don't have them so I can't read them but I can tell you a sneak peak about the rainbow fairys first jack frost(the nasty guy)put a spell at the rainbow fairys and blew them to rainspell island rachel and kristy found ruby at the end of the rainbow maybe you've hread of ruby she is the youngest rainbow fairy there fun but I know you don't have them bye.



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