Re: リボンちゃん、すごいぞー!

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14. Re: リボンちゃん、すごいぞー!

お名前: リボンちゃん
投稿日: 2003/12/23(15:37)



今日は、「Staige 8」「the kidnappers」を、

「The Big Box」 Stage1
Mom had a new fridge.
The fridge is in the big box.
Biff and Chip wanted the big box.
「I want to build a box house.」
「Me, too.」
So mom gave the big box to Biff and Chip.
Biff and Chip build a box house.
Mom helped Biff and Chip.
The box house is finished.
They made a floppy's house, too.
Suddenly the rain is coming.
The big box house was wet, so it went broken.
「Oh, No! Let's go inside the house.」
「OK. quickly.」
The rain is stopped, so they went outside.
「I want a tent」 said Chip.
「Me, too.」 said Biff and Kipper.
So, Dad made a small tent.
「Thank you.」 said the chiledren.

(英文代理投稿 emmie)



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