Hi All!

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2485. Hi All!

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2015/12/9(10:37)


Hello,Long time no see.I have never been to abroad,ever before.Moreover,I have never be board on airplane,even though, domestic line.Suddenly,2014,I had to go to HongKong on my business due to take due diligence check at a certain bank there.So,I had taken that conversation with Bank Vice President in English.And,from the time,I had a lot of jobsin abroad.Sure,in English.Exactly,I have never experienced to be confuesed in the sutuation any kind of taking conversation or discuss to our business in English.But,recently,I face on my English skills especially more details what I want to tal in English,about myself or my opinion on my business more detail,what I could talk or speak in Japanese.So,I guess or think about my lack in English Comprehenshon skills what I have at now.And, what kinds of things or matter ,I need to learn or do to enhance or enrich for being my English skills up and up, I wish to earn it or them.If anyone is this site,and who love learning english or anyother language as foreign language,please give me your opinion or advise.
Moreover,I am too old guy to go to USA to study,and earn rest of my cregitsin in which the university in Japan,I have dropped out.Me,just 45 old guy,the middle man.Ha,huh!But, I want to graduate the unversity in USA for my batchelor's degree.Thanx-you,all! Have a nice rest of day!Take care,and never have a cold too cold Japan's weather and climate rather than South-East Asia Are.That is all, I guess.Thanx.


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