Re: 英語を書いてみました

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2444. Re: 英語を書いてみました

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/7/9(09:16)


〉Hi, Hiiragi-san. Takapon-desu. (English?)

Hello, Takapon, Hiiragi-desu.

〉You wrote English more than ten pages? Wow! You're Stephen Queen!

Actually, I prefer Ellery Queen. But thank you.

〉Writing English is a lot of fun. Today it's very steamy-hot in Kyoto. So I want an electric fan. (I said “fun”!)

Lately, Hokkaido is steamy-hot. Sometimes there's a rain like a severe shower ( Sukoru). It has started when Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters begins. There's a sayings, if there's a rainbow, Fighters will win. Ha,ha. Especially tooday is hot. Former manager Mister. Hillman is coming to Japan for scouting Ohtani on behalf of New York Yankees. Ohtani is today's pitcher. The game is in Sendai.

But seriously, Hokkaido's summers are not like this when I was a child. Something's wrong in earth. Though I don't think the earth is in danger. Just human kind is in danger. Even if human kind dead, the earth will not mind.

〉I make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But don't worry that it's not good enough
〉for anyone else to read. Just write. Write a song~♪

Don't be sorry. Our mother tongue are not English. It is good enough of us to learning English. Or so I'm saying to myself.

〉ふ〜・・・ I can't write English ONE PAGE. You're really great.

Not so great.I lined by word checker more than 20 times while writing this. My spelling is bad( But I like a spell. I want to cast a spell often. Hah hah hah). And I'm sure there are lot of mistakes in this message. But it's fun!

I don't drink coffee. And usually not drink green tea, neither (or is it either?). But I drank lot of green tea in 6th of July. As a result, I had two blanche nuit(kantetsu in French). So I had lot of times for writing.

〉Happy writing!

Thanks a lot for writing in English!



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