I achieved Shadowing 1000 hours

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[報告] 1125. I achieved Shadowing 1000 hours

お名前: けん
投稿日: 2010/5/1(20:40)


Hi! Good morning, this is けん@Osaka
I began shadowing September 1, 2006.
And I got 1000 hours yesterday.
It took 1319 days and average time was 45 minutes per day.

When I began shadowing at first time, I felt often it was difficult to run after what I heard. And I wondered I could continue it.
But I tried to find interesting things in the sound materials, and I found a lot of fun in it.

Eventually I had several times when I felt my listening ability improved.
They were not something like climbing stairs one by one step, but they gave me the power to continue the shadowing.

By the way, my shadowing is mumbling. It was mainly performed during commuting time. So I couldn't pronounce my voice loudly.
But I believe mumbling shadowing 1 hour each day has an enough effect and is comparable to 3 hours listening a day.

I recommend podcast very much. It has a lot of good materials, i.e. fast and slow, many genres. Please try them.

Happy shadowing everyone. Bye!

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1127. Re: I achieved Shadowing 1000 hours

お名前: モーリン http://wordcount.blog72.fc2.com/
投稿日: 2010/6/27(00:05)


Hi Ken-san. Long time no see.

This is the first time to visit this board in this one year(may be it's longer than one year).
Then I had visited this corner at first as I used to do.
And I found your article.

I'm glad to hear that you have been continued your practice of shadowing and completed 1000 hours of it.
I still have not started shadowing but listening.
After I got a iPhone about one year ago I use a English news video program of podcast as well as BBC7 progrsms. And I feel my English pronounce ability have been improved as you feel.

I'm looking forward a report of completing your next 1000 hours shadowing and further improvement.

See you and Happy Reading!



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