For the First Time

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1199. For the First Time

お名前: ユウスケ3
投稿日: 2016/8/15(14:21)


I understood the meaning of easy picturebooks.

I used to find the good points on Tadoku in the speed, quantity, difficulty.

Because of your helps, I started to enjoy Tadoku in a different way.

The picture is great. The words are great.

The story is excellent!

Anyway, I want to continue reading easy but great English books.

Althogh I'm an adult, I can hardly know the true meaning only from their conversation.

So, I feel that I'm used to this method's way, messages or any other things.

That's why I love Tadoku.

I'm insane, and I have no idea about internatioal world.

But for the first time since my birth, I felt love from many people and things.

Thank you very much.

And, I would like to send my hope for peace but that's almost impossible.

I'm not able to behave nicely.

I'm not eligible for permanent worker.

I also want to step forward as well as I can.

I'll think about other people, happy and unhappy, young and old, etc.

Today, I thought I'm happy to be born in this country.

I silently closed my eyes in front of TV at noon.

I wish I'll be a better man and help poor people to obtain the reading skills about their first or second languages.

Thank you for caring me.

Reading is a great activity so I'm lucky.

Thank you again.


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