Merry Christmas (fiction)

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1198. Merry Christmas (fiction)

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/12/23(09:33)


I am the Count of Calinyostro. I am a cat. I am searching for my archenemy who called himself as “His Whiteness”. But to me, he is just a Whity.

Whity likes to travel. So he must live near international aero port. He must live in the cushiest place.

So he lives in this house, I’m sure.

A kid passed by. “Ah, there is a cat. Yellow one. It must be Whity’s friend ! ”

Good job, laddy. So he is here! In this house! Bwahahahahaha!

Midnight. I sneaked in the house. Coziest place in this house must be this cushion. So this must be his place. I blinked.

What? A black kitten? Is he reincarnated? Or is he just pretend as a black kitten?

But this must be him.

“Long time no see, Your Whiteness. You are Your Blackness now? But you can’t fool me!”

Black kitten just stared me. Then he said. “Meow”

“Don’t meow to me. I know who you are. As a master alchemist, you could do better than to turned into a black kitten. Don’t think...” I saw the familiar figure of His Whiteness.

“Who are you to came this late hour and threatened Blacky? Oh, the Count of Calinyostro. Now I don’t surprise...” He couldn’t finish his sentence. Because,

“Wow! My Christmas present from Santa Claus is a cat!” the kid exclaimed. “Now I have there cats. Great!”

I’m not your Christmas present!

Whity and Blacky just said. ”Meow”

Never meow to me!


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