Let me write a poem.

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1193. Let me write a poem.

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/12/14(06:00)


Snow makes the roads white

This winter is also going to be cold

Unkind words have hurt me but I'm OK

I've OK'd what will go with me

I still believe my will power

Even if it snows too much

Warmth will melt the snow completely

Sometimes I go mad

But something kind and warm makes me all right

And sometimes I get angry

Then another thing appears and I feel OK

Or sometimes I really feel depressed

Tell me, my friend

What colour the warmth is

Feel that, my friend

So that you won't be depressed any more

You are the best of everything

And there you've got the goodness

Listen to my inner voice,

Trembling a little because of fear

But I've got pure kindness and warmth

Because you've always comforted me

I think spring will come as usual

Now I understand that

Spring's going to be wonderful

And then lots of green shoots will come up

We can have these optimistic feelings

Those things are the most important for me

Now I wonder when the next year comes

While writing this humble poem


Actually, this is my first poem-writing.

I don't know the rules of poems at all.

If the contents in it are bad, please tell me.


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