Re: Because I couldn't sleep, ...

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1192. Re: Because I couldn't sleep, ...

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/11/29(21:40)


〉Hi, fauree1845-san. Thanks for your posting.

It's always my pleasure.

〉〉I'd like to ask tadokists a few questions; they're simple.

〉It soudns interesting...! I like questionnaire.

Oh, do you? I want to be a millionaire.

〉〉(1) Are you able to sleep after you've been so excited, annoyed, or worried for a long time?

〉Hm... yes.
〉In fact, I don't like too much excited, annoyed, or worried, but I often have some of those in my life.
〉They effect me in a way, but most of all, I managed to be able to get sleep.

You're lucky. But this phemomenon seems to be universal, I think.

〉〉(2) If you aren't able to sleep in the situation, do you usually keep staying awake?

〉Yes and No. Ha ha ha.

What do you mean?

〉When I can't have a sleep well, I'm keeping awake with my eyes closed in my bed.
〉My mother often said that people can be healed up even though they don't sleep well. The most important thind is laying down their bodies steadily and calmly, and their eyes shut!
〉So I'm usually in bed like this. It's OK.

I've also heard of that. But I can't. Something drives me into awaking-situation .

〉〉(3) Do you often read books while you're not sleeping for these reason?

〉If I wake up very early, for example at 4:30am or 5:00am, I wake up in a bit and read some books. No doubt.
〉But if it is late at night, I try to sleep...
〉The boundary-hour from the late night and the early morning is about 4:00am to me.

4:00am..., I like to listen to cool music at that point.

〉〉By the way, I'm a little excited but feeling annoyed and worried right now. In my case, I almost always keep staying awake if I would be drowsy.

〉It is natural, never mind!


〉〉But I don't feel like reading a book. I wanted to post a message.

〉You've had the nice option. You have some companies like Hiiragi-san or me.

Yeah, you two are great and have a excellent writing skill so I enjoy reading your writing, which somotimes comfort me.

〉〉I don't care if you don't answer these questions above.
〉〉In fact, I want to read a book relaxing when I can't sleep.

〉Books are our friends.
〉If you don't want to read any book, try some Comic books!!

Oh! Comics!

I prefer theoretical books.



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