Re: Because I couldn't sleep, ...

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1189. Re: Because I couldn't sleep, ...

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/11/26(09:07)



Good morning, fauree-san. This is Hiiragi. I can't sleep easily in this last month, either. But today I waked up early and feeling good.

I can't sleep well and can't wake up early in the autumn-winter time. It is my problem over decades.

〉I've decided to write a message.

〉I'd like to ask tadokists a few questions; they're simple.

Simple questions often have philosophical answers. I like them.

〉(1) Are you able to sleep after you've been so excited, annoyed, or worried for a long time?

Of course not. Well, I'm always sleepy. But when I'm excited, I can't sleep till morning. When I'm worried, I always wait till dawn and sleep.

These days, I just annoyed, perhaps because it's winter and dark. So I'm sleepy yet don't want to sleep. I'm afraid of dark.

〉(2) If you aren't able to sleep in the situation, do you usually keep staying awake?

When I had courage, I told myself "In the morning, everything's alright." and go to sleep.

But usually, I couldn't believe it will be alright in the morning, and kept awake.

The best thing is, I just asleep while eh, Shiranumani. And I'll waked up in the midnight and telling my self, "Oh, I must turn off the light." and sleep till morning or even noon. But this did not happen often enough.

〉(3) Do you often read books while you're not sleeping for these reason?

If I could read the book, I read. But after a while, I was so sleepy and couldn't read. Then I couldn't listen to the music, and can't read, so just kept awake with my thought as only companion. That's hard. Come to think about it, this last month, I'm in this states most of nights. Some nights, I'll eat something or drink the medicine (It's given me by my doctor.).

〉By the way, I'm a little excited but feeling annoyed and worried right now. In my case, I almost always keep staying awake if I would be drowsy.

If you could, eat something light or drink some herb tea. I like Lemon Balm. It makes me calm. I hear camomile is good for nice sleep, too.

〉But I don't feel like reading a book. I wanted to post a message.

Like a letter in a bottle? (Do you read "Ine-no-senritsu"? That "the letter in the bottle" cause miracle!) At least, I read this message and someone too.

〉I don't care if you don't answer these questions above.

〉In fact, I want to read a book relaxing when I can't sleep.

I want the book that can relax me. I've never find such a book in the right moment.

Have a nice dream, fauree-san.



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