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1185. Re: Dear Michael-san

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/11/10(09:44)


Hello, Michael-san.

〉I always enjoy your messages and tories.
〉You two are great because you are keeping to write and I want to keep the pace with you.

Thousand thanks! I always fears if someone read these.

〉Unfortunately, I don't have any talent of story-telling like Hiiragi-san, so I'll pick up some topics to talk about from the books I recently read.

Please, please. I'm all ears.

〉In English, I've been reading "The Lock Artist" recommended by wkempff-san. Though wkempff-san and some extensive readers said that it is easy to understand for its length (over 1,200,000 words), I found that it is not so easy. The spoken language of teenagers is hard to catch the point for me and I'm reading very slowly. Just now, I've read just half of it.

I also found teenager's language difficult. Though I like Princess Diaries, it is not easy like old-fashioned historical novels. And that tons of Brand names!

But you read through half of it, right? Another half is easier, I think.

〉In German, I've just finished "Magic Tree House vol.1-4". German and English are really close languages so "Magic Tree House" (in English) is written into "Magischen Baumhaus" (in German). "Tree" (E) is "Baum" (G) and "House" (E) is "Haus" (B), but German tends to attached two or more words into just one word (noun) so they turn into not "Baum Hause" but "Baumhaus". I think this way is suprisingly similar to Japanese.

Oh, I watched German Language course on TV (the one Kohby, Katsura Kobeicho's), and learned that German are language that create new words by putting up two words in one. So Magic Tree house has two words name in German. It's interesting, interesting. I'm inclined to the new language in this way.

〉In French, I bought "Frozon"(アナ雪) DVD and enjoy it. Actually, I have three DVDs of "Frozen", of course in Japanese (and English), in French (and English and Framan), and in German (and English and Turkish). In French version, all of the characters speak much much more sentences than caption shown in the bottom of the screen!
〉By the way, "Frozon" is famous for its nice insert songs and I think Japanese version is the best of all.

You have three "Frozen" ? Maketah! I only have books. Well, come to think about it, I have Nausicaa of Valley of the Wind in French. But I even didn't watch it through the end. Your Tachou are simply great. And you had opinion about which one is the best. You must watched these through and through.

By the way, Japanese version of "Frozen" has two singer, I hear. I think it Matsu Takako and May, J. Which one do you like better?

〉Happy writing!!

You too!



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