Two cats in a bar

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1183. Two cats in a bar

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/11/7(08:59)


“The summer has ended.” I wiped the foam of the beer. Tonight’s beer is bitterer than usual.

“It’s already October.” said the tabby lady. “And whom am I speak today?”

“It’s Buddha today. Because my heart is calm like a buddha.” I sighed. “And my soul is pure white like ash.”

“And who is he?” the tabby lady indicated Blacky.

“He is always Blacky. Because he is evil than the Devil.” I answered.

“Meow!” Blacky looked me expectantly.

I threw Blacky a big piece of cheese. “Why you are always so hungry? You have meal regularly.”

“Why summer is at the end in this late month?" inquired the lady. "Oh, I know. You have fallen out of love with somebody.”

“No, but it’s what Japanese call tide time. Miyanishi has broken his leg. And if the third ranking team went to Japan Series, what is the season?”

“Oh, you talk about soccer as usual.” giggled the tabby lady.

No, it’s baseball.


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