Re: My midterm exam

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[かみなり] 1177. Re: My midterm exam

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/11/4(12:00)


I had near perfect score in the arithmetic!!!!! I had make one little miss in my sums. I, all the time make wrong sums one after another, had only one in the midterm exam. I can't believe it even now.

I had perfect score in English. And all other subjects are good as well.

I couldn't guess what score I have in Kokugo, but it is not bad. Rather it is a good score. Though I don't figure out how the right answers are right. I think seriously that I should read some books about Gendaibun.

Well, I can read many books in short times in Japanese (My record is the 15 bunko books in a day). And I can grasp the means of those. And as you know, I wrote a lot of recommend comments about some books in SSS keijiban and several people said they are interested in the books. So my Japanese are not bad. But tests of Kokugo are utterly different problem, it seems. I'm good at Kanji, so the problems are "What does author mean in this sentence?" questions.

But enough of Kokugo.

I'm interested in science, especially physics. So I'm not in the least fear the science. Like some other students.

History and Gendaishakai are another of my favorites.

So I'm waiting impatiently the next exam. I might have the better score!!!!



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