Never Meow to a cat (fiction)

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1176. Never Meow to a cat (fiction)

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/10/20(14:53)


“Hey, Whity, you have to have a companion.” The kid in the in the house I’m in said breathlessly. “She is a black kitten. So I named her Blacky. What do you think? You have to have a girlfriend ! ”

Well, not a bad news. But my name is not Whity. I, in my kitten hood called His Whiteness by my many admirer, can’t be such a common name. Think thrice about it!

“She is adorable. You will be delighted to have such a companion.”

I’m about 600 years old also. I don’t care about a baby cat.... But is she such a beautiful creature? We might be Hikaru-Genji and Murasaki-no-ue. Maybe, baby cat is not a bad choice. Any cats are baby to me.

“She is a little beauty. And her manner is charming. There ! You do want to meet her, don’t you?”

Well, there are no harm in it.

“I’ll bring her next week. Wait and see!”

Next weekend.

“There! Whity, this is Blacky. Blacky, this is Whity. You two have a lot to say to each other. So I’ll gone and come back a couple of hours later. Good luck!”

Nooooo! This is a he! Blacky is a male kitten! You fool lad! Get back in a minuet with MY Blacky!

“Oh I forgot about it. In the last minuets, another family came in. They wanted a female for their cat’s bride. So I choose her brother. Isn’t he adorable?” The kid beamed. Little fool!

But I must make out things to be best in the situation.

“Hi, Blacky. I’m the cat who live in this house for quite a time. You should think this as your home and be feel easy. I haven’t had a name yet. At least a name I can satisfy with. So just call me Your Whiteness or Your Excellency.”

Blacky blinked, scratched hit ears, and said. “Meow!”

“Don’t meow to me! Just talk in the cat language of Japanese dialect. Or you are a foreign cat? I can speak all language, and Greek!”

He seemed to be not impressed. So I repeat the words in several dialect. But still, what he said is only “Meow”.

“Are you by any chance be someone I fought in the past? Dr John Dee? Le comte de Cagliostro?”


“Now I knew! You are the Count of Caglinyostro, who used to be Cagliostro’s pet cat and in truth his master!”


What a nightmare! I have my worst enemy in my house! But I’m not the same cat who was practiced as an disciple alchemist centuries ago. I am a master alchemist now.


“Never Meow to me!”


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