I am a cat in a bar

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1175. I am a cat in a bar

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/10/15(21:41)


I am a cat. I have no name yet. Tonight I go to a bar. Bought a drink or two to a tabby lady.

“What is your name ?”

“Ladies all over the century asked me that. Today, my name is Blacky.”

“Why? You are a white cat.”

“Just say, my heart is darker than black.” I sipped the spirit and coughed. “Master, what did you pour into my cup? A poison from Catherine de Medicis’s secret drawer?”

“I’m very sorry, Mister. It’s just what Japanese called Shou-chou.”

“Oh, Dr Dee’s elixir tastes better.”

“You are worldly cat.” Tabby lady looked me in admiring gaze. “What brought you here in this late hour?”

“just say, the Secretary of States and the Director of baseball teams are sad creature. Every people thought they can do better.”

“Did you mean that you are roof for the Giants?”

“No, far from it.” I’m just crazy about the Fighters.


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