I read an English dictionary in the underground.

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1174. I read an English dictionary in the underground.

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/9/26(01:19)


This aternoon, I read the English dictionary for about 10 minutes in the place where there are lots of strangers-in the underground.

I thought many people did notice my strange action and some of them would have laughed at me, but nothing has happened.

I was a little nernous but enjoyed the time.

The dictionary which I used at that time is rather heavy so I had difficulty with lifting up to the right position(ha-ha).

Now I feel like this: for many people, reading dictionaries in public spaces looks like reading foreign books.

For me, English dictionaries are so fascinating and interesting stuffs so I'd like to read them every day!

That's also my extensive reading but I can't count the total words.

But I can count the pages which I've read.

And I like to write the difinition written on these dictionaries down on my notebook.

Now the numbers of headword are about to reach 1700 and the quantity is enough for me to forget what I wrote in a few days ago!!


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