Don't mention it!

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1173. Don't mention it!

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/9/24(18:29)


〉Michael again.

Thank you for your nice comment.

〉〉I agree with Micheal-san's opinion.


〉〉I'd like to be a proficient English user so sometimes I seem to think philosophically in order to be able to think critically.
〉〉Sometimes it's good for me, but it's usually not so good.

〉Why not !? (this is a why-counter-punch!)

I think I make a lot of mistakes, which has led to confuse others. That's my view.

〉〉Maybe I just wanted to satisfy only myself.

〉If so, it was also good, because you gave us a chance to communicate each other in English.

You're very kind. Your messages have made me feel relaxed.

〉〉I don't know why I wrote the first message.

〉Why? (again...)

I don't know..., just I feel like that.

〉As I said earlier, you gave everyone one chance to write in English.
〉Actually, many people think it is difficult to write here, because opening of theme is difficult enough.
〉So, any opening is welcome for us. Thank you again.

You're welcome.

〉P.S. I couldn't check my writing at the last time because of short time. Now I found many misspells! Please forget them.

Writing English messages by typing is very, very difficult.

So it's quite common for us to misspell.

Please don't care about that.



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