Re: My midterm exam

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1172. Re: My midterm exam

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/9/20(23:55)


〉Hi, Hiiraki-san.

Hi, Michael-san.

〉〉Hello, everyone. This is Hiiragi. I'm in my midterm exam season.

〉My reply is too late. I suppose your exams must have been finished yet!

Half of these was finished, but another half is not. Besides, your reply is never late.

〉〉In my high school, if one didn't show up in the exam in september, one can't study other half of the school year. There isn't any second chance (Of course, if one is in hospital or something, there are special exam) .

〉How strict! I think that you were very nervous for waking up at the day of the exam!

My tooth made the noise "Kachi-kachi" by 120 in a minute.

〉〉I'm bad at Kokugo. Well, I answered all of questions before the half time. But I have never figured out how "the right answer" is right. So I couldn't tell if I had a good note or bad note. At least, I'm good at Kanji, is clear. And as lot of times left, I was very sleepy and wiped tears of yawn.

〉Most tests are bored.
〉If you didn't sleep, it means you did good job.

My teacher in middle school was Kokugo. When he was a student, he wept in the exam for the Chobun was such a good text and couldn't answer a single question. If every Kokugo teacher was like that!

〉〉I'm bad at mathematics, too. I do like mathematics and science, but I'm slow at calculation. Often, my 2 times 4 have 6 for answers. It is how you became if you hadn't doing sums for XX years.

〉2 times 4 might be ... 8 (^_^;)?
〉OK. I see.
〉Most people who were cats are not good at math.

In real world, I didn't go to school after I turned 11 years old. So I forgot lot of things. And as I read the books only what I like, I know some theme deeply, but in another nothing at all.

It is why I decided to go to high school. They teach every subject.

〉〉About Gendaishakai and history, lot of my knowledges are come from the books other than the texts. I like Plato, Jostein Gaarder, Kyougoku Natsuhiko, Ohtsuka Eiji, Jean Plaidy and lots more. So at the last moment, some phrase of some books popped up and I wrote it.

〉Very good.
〉Since I didn't like Shakai when I was in junior and high schools (and still now), I deeply respect you.

Thank you. Shakai's teachers do very interesting Jugyo. History teachers talked about history as something linked deeply in now and here. And as I like to read newspaper, it seems very near thing to me. And of course, history or philosophy's people are like some kind of friend to me. Like Plato or Holy Emperors.

〉〉In Kateika, I pointed out by the teacher, I couldn't read graphs properly. I didn't know how Kateika includes lot of maths !

〉Kateika has many problems in maths!?
〉I didn't find it...
〉I am surprised that the test of Kateika had graphs.
〉Of course, cooking part in Kateika is so much like chemistry (not maths). Actually, all cooking processes are chemical reaction.

Mmmm, our Kateika is not only about cooking but clothing and living as grown-up people. In that way, it is very much likes Hoken. Shougai-sekkei, Kourei-shakai, rise the children, cooling-off.

〉〉And how practical Kateika and Hoken are !

〉Hoken! It gives me some kind of nostalgia...

〉〉I had a grandfather who was Alzheimer's. Had I known the things in back in the years! How useful it has!

〉Oh, I see.

My grandfather used to laughed when TV news's theme is a murder or a serious car accident. It seemed to me that he turns to the devil or something, but after a while, I learned that when one is Alzhimer's, they did laugh even when they don't feel funny. Their feeling and hyojo do not always match, I heard.

But maybe, he laughed because he was glad that something he can understand is shows up. Murders and accidents are very simple news. Not like politic or economics. So maybe.

〉〉Now my grandmother is Alzheimer's. I wonder if I became one in my 80th. I must think how I reach my 80th first. Yoga and walking, perhaps?

〉Good point.
〉I want to go to a direction of long-and-healthy lives, too.
〉By the way, I bought an equipment, Burasagari-kenko-ki. This is nice!

Oh, is it? I heard that it is good for spine.

〉〉I wonder if I became 2nd in the next year. Learning things are sooooo fun! So I do want to be 2nd.

〉Of course, you will be on the upper grade next year.
〉I'm looking forward to hear your happy(and hard) school life again.

Thanks a lot, Micael-san.

〉See ya.

See you again.



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