Re: I missed the point

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1166. Re: I missed the point

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/9/16(21:03)


Hello, fauree-san.

I know I got your first massage's point wrong. And I missed the point of the theme. I'm sorry.

But it seems you didn't angry or upset with it. I'm reassured.

Writing English in my case, I always worry about how one who I write back feel. Of course, I concerned when I write Japanese too, but more so in English.

Writing something on my own, like cat's story is different. It's easy.

I know you are writing tons of E-mail in English. It must need a lot of courage.

My father who speaks English well (according to my mother, my father never said so) and who never taught me English, once said, in English, he likes telephone better than E-mail. Because if he makes mistake, in telephone conversation he knows at once, but in E-mail he doesn't know until he has the replay. ( In Japanese, he doesn't like telephone).

Baya baya. I heard Japanese has more confidence in writing English than English conversation.

I myself never had English conversation, but I now know one quoter of the feeling of my father. Though, if I wrote something bad to you in this Keijiban, I can apologize you in other Keijiban in Japanese.

Well, I don't learned English that much to claiming myself as an English leaner. I learning English by using English, it seems.



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