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1165. Re: English learner or user

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/9/14(18:51)



〉Hello, fauree-san. This is Hiiragi.

Hello, Hiiragi-san.

〉〉1. Writing something

〉Writing something in English is great steps, I suppose. And such a difficult theme. You are great, fauree-san.

Thank you.


〉〉3. Now am I an English learner, or a user ?

〉In my opinion the point is wether

〉You adored English as idol and think finer language than Japanese (or any other languages, for that matter)

That's quite possible. Maybe I think really highly of English. But communication with English speaker has changed my opinion a little, just a little I think. I still love English or thier way of thinking.

〉Or you see the weak points of English and think it as a tool, something makes your life better.

Real communication in English isn't a tool, Hiiragi-san. Of course the activities unlike communication is important, too.

What I really want to say is that I don't at all what point is most important to me or other people but I feel that kind of thing is a personal one, rather than general.

〉I'm calling you fauree "san" and using Japanese words instead of looking hard for correct English words, so I myself is English user in my theory. It is not the point how bad my English is.

I think getting a conclution about whether you are using English or just learning isn't so much important to us all.

Some people think I'm using and learning English at the same time. I think it's also a good idea.

I just can't feel like that, nor can't think highly of Japanese than of English. I've been able to notice that point thanks to Hiiragi-san.

I thought writing somethink personally is almost a personal act but now, in reality , it isn't always true. Maybe you'd like to say something like that. I think your response like that.

〉It is the attitude to the English that matters.

〉Of course, it's just my own opinion, but I think it is what you asked to us. I hope this massage will be some use to you.

I don't think like that, which is a surprise to me.

I've just used English quite a lot for very short time and I'd like to summerise that experience, which isn't a good summerisation though.

Noticing other's opinion or reaction is good thing and thinking or having a second thought about that matter is also great.

The theme hasn't got only one answer. Thinking this and that is also important to us, isn't it ?



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