Re: Sending email to foreign country is so hard!

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1160. Re: Sending email to foreign country is so hard!

お名前: fauree1845
投稿日: 2014/8/20(18:03)


〉Hi, fauree1845-san. It's Michael.

Hello, Michael-san. I'm fauree1845.

〉〉I've sent seven or eight emails to people in foreign country.

〉You have!

Well, I sent a few emails to these people yesterday, too.

〉〉Because of time difference or the difference between native and non-native, some misunderstandings often occur and replys come around midnight.

〉Sounds interesting!
〉Maybe you are a little irritated or confused?
〉like, "No--. That is not what I want to say---;_;"

But interestingly, they 'know' almost exactly what I wanted to say.

Even so, I can't tell them the things which I really want to say.

〉〉It's so difficult for me to send messages feeling dizziness.

〉I bet.

Time difference is so frustrating!!

〉〉And it's not very easy to modify my wrong previous message.

〉Exactly. We often send wrong messages in correct stages!

I agree.

〉〉But still, exchanging messages is so fun!

〉I sometimes write e-mails to Germany. There, I have a friend.
〉If we send the mails each other around 16:00-17:00 in JST, we can chat naturally by text.
〉But there is one difference against you at least.
〉Our mails are in Japanese...

〉Mmm... I am getting to want to write e-mail in English like you!
〉Maybe I can write one or two reviews in for excersises.

I've heard from a billingal that writing a diary in English is useful.

Maybe you've already tried...





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