I am a cat in a house

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1156. I am a cat in a house

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/8/6(17:55)


It was a peaceful morning. I was half asleep on the lap of the kid in the house I lived back then.

Then some terrible sound came from TV. I opened my eyes. A Large building was melting down. Like some Godzilla movie. I blinked in the surprise and the kid was standing up.

I dropped on the floor. It hurts. But something told me that was not important. TV was.

Then grandpa in the house said,
“ Had Gen lived, he’d say Yattah!”

Is it Gen of Hiroshima? What a strange comment!

The kid protested with tears in his eyes.
“He’d never never never said that! He thinks about the people who suffered!”

Well said, laddy. I didn’t know you have that guts. And neatly put for the human in this age. I mean, the kid hadn’t see the dozen summer in that time.

After the dinner, grandpa went to futon. Then kid’s mother (who is daughter-in-law of the grandpa) said something rare to the kid.

“Had your father said that, I considered divorce very seriously.”

Then padded kids on his head.

“You said the right thing, you know.”

Hey! It’s my line. But I didn’t want to reveal the fact that I can speak in human language, so I just padded the kid on his head.

It’s a long long day for lots of human and cats.


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