I am a cat

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1152. I am a cat

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/7/21(12:41)


Ningen no snaru nikki toifu monowo nekomo kaitemiyau to omofu.

I am a cat. I have no name yet. I was born in the 15th century’s England.

When I was a white kitten, they called me His Whiteness. As I was grown up, I wanted to see the worlds. So I traveled south.

Spain was Inquisition’s growing points. I thank to heaven that I was not born into a black cat. Though I can cast a spell or two to human, no one suspect about a white cat.

When I traveled to France, I happened to know that Catherine de Medicis is a good woman. I like her and she likes cats. Saying white cats brings good luck to her children. Tragic woman.

Then I went back to England. I met Queen Elizabeth I. But she likes her Kat, a human named Katherine Asheley or something. So there was no place for me in the Court.

So I sneaked into Cecil household. William’s second son Robert is a good fellow. He likes cat. He was a bit hunchback and short man, but has lots of good humour. I didn’t suprised when I heard he had success in the Court. He is after all, his father’s son. I don’t know much about William’s oldest son Thomas. I just heard he was a rake and drunk too much. Such man can hit cats. I didn’t go near Thomas.

When I heard the Good Queen Bess died, I thought it is a good chance to me. Maybe, new King’s Queen or children love cats. But that is an another story.


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