Spelling Bee

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1148. Spelling Bee

お名前: ミッシェル
投稿日: 2014/7/13(11:42)


Hi, Hiiragi-san.

〉When I watched Full House, there is some spelling contest. Is it the test what you said? There is even a trophy.

Finally, I could bring back my memory.
The test is called "Spelling Bee".

I've read many books written about the lives of elementary schools. In some schoools, the spelling bees were held. In some times, they were just the small tests in class, and in the other times, they're big events like festivals or contests.

When I was a high school student (I now knew I'm far younger than you, because I am born in 20th! ), I could spell many words in English (at least I think I was...), but now the spelling is extremely difficult. Many words have already left from my memory.

In TOEIC test, we don't need to write English words or sentences, since the test is held by so-called marksheet-style. But the cambridge exam, that we(= me and fauree1845-san) are going to challenge, requets to hand-write in Writing part. Misspelling makes the scores quite low. So I am trying to recall(or memorize newly!) the spellings in a lot of words.

By the way, I can't and am not trying to memorize the spelling in French or Germany ones. They are extremely difficult...

Bye for now.



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