High School is fun!

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1145. High School is fun!

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2014/7/9(10:22)


Hello everyone. I'm Hiiragi.

I am now a high school student. At this age, hah hah.

In my school, age does not matter. One day I mistook a classmate for a teacher. Because he talks like a teacher. No one can say who is the teacher and who is the students without looking name card.

I like world history and Gendaishakai a lot. Few months ago, I learned about China's first emperor. But it is much detailed when Anju-san write about him in Keijiban.

Last month I learned about Sankenbunritsu. But then a student eats his lunch in classroom and the teacher said "Stop eating and take it back in your bag". I was very surprised.

In my weak subject is Kokugo. I don't know why because I read a tons of book in Japanese. I'm good at Kanji, though.

I'm not bad in English. But I misspelled and made error in past tense of basic words. So I began to teach myself English. I read a lot, yet I didn't write and read aloud. As I teach my self English in different ways than Tadoku, I began to write English.

I'm not good at writing. But I want to write in this Keijiban. Now I writing English as lined by word checker countless times. I'll begin to practice spell, I decided.

Thank you a lot for reading.


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