Re: How do you learn new word/phrase?

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1141. Re: How do you learn new word/phrase?

お名前: ミッシェル
投稿日: 2014/5/1(00:06)


Hi, fauree1845-san. This is Michael.

〉Soon after listening to British English, I've been fond of learning English.

Recently, I am often listening to BBC, the English radio news.
I used to learn American English for a long time like most Japanese, but British English gave me a new light of English.

〉For me, talk or narration in English sound like music or poem whatever the theme is.

Oh yes, I remenber that you're a person in music field!
I think it will be so beautiful to hear English like music.
(Unfortunately, I am a scientific person...)

〉Why can I use certain words or phrases very easily, while it's so difficult for me to use other words or phrases?
〉What do you think?

I have one method from my experiences.
(This might not be good for you, please receive this as just an reference.)
When I was practicing for the speaking test of TOEIC, I often tried to express the every situation I looked.
For example, "I am walking on the sidewalk. There are several cars in the street. A woman is walking in front of me. She is carrying two bags. One is white and the other is flower printed. She has a pony tail..." and so on.
Sometime, I can't find the suitable word or phrase.
In that case, I searched them afterwards and repeated them lots of times in following days.

Actually, I think that you don't need to remember every phrases or words that you learned.
Of cource, you should read and understand them.
But you would better to keep and use SOME of them that you think they are REALLY USEFEL TO YOU!

In short,
to select some words you can usually use, and
to use the words as possible as you can in short period,
seem to be important!

How about this way?



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