What the question!

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[汗] 1138. What the question!

お名前: かつらぎ
投稿日: 2012/1/3(16:56)


A happy new year! Everyone. This is Katsuragi.

I went to a booksotre.
When I had look some Spanish learning textbooks in English, the woman(she looks fifty or sixty) asked me.

"Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"
"No. I don't."
"The child who dislikes English. I hope the child likes English. What can I do?"

… What? … I was suprised. I opened my mouth. But I said nothing.
Here's a bookstore. Not a sort of language school.
I am not a teacher nor a tutor. I'm a just customer(or visitor).
And I do not know her. I never have been met her.
After long silence, I said.

"I have no answer for your question."

Long silence again.
The woman said.

"My question is silly, isn't it?"
"…I'm sorry."

I left the woman.
I didn't eager to learn English, didn't study hard. But I don't hate.
I could not answer.



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