Re: Kanji is difficult!

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1137. Re: Kanji is difficult!

お名前: b-73
投稿日: 2011/7/21(18:23)


> In Korean or Chinese, same Kanji is the same pronounce. Only Japanese has a Kanji a lot pronounce.

Really? I didn't know that. So the pronunciations of the Japanese "Chinese characters" are difficult even for the Chinese people.

> And Sakaki is a bit difficult, don't you think so?

Yes, it's difficult to read. It's like "珍男子". Maybe "榊 珍男子" is a perfect(?) name. No one could read it as "Sakaki Uzuhiko/Utsuhiko". :)

> I love Sakaki' novels. Especially "Straight Jacket" series.

I thought I knew the title, but I couldn't remember the story. I searched about his works in Wikipedia. I was again amazed. He's been writing a lot of novels than I expected!

My favorite is the "Scrapped Princess" series. I was very happy to find that some of them had been translated into English. :)



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