Re: I achieved Shadowing 1000 hours

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1127. Re: I achieved Shadowing 1000 hours

お名前: モーリン
投稿日: 2010/6/27(00:05)


Hi Ken-san. Long time no see.

This is the first time to visit this board in this one year(may be it's longer than one year).
Then I had visited this corner at first as I used to do.
And I found your article.

I'm glad to hear that you have been continued your practice of shadowing and completed 1000 hours of it.
I still have not started shadowing but listening.
After I got a iPhone about one year ago I use a English news video program of podcast as well as BBC7 progrsms. And I feel my English pronounce ability have been improved as you feel.

I'm looking forward a report of completing your next 1000 hours shadowing and further improvement.

See you and Happy Reading!



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