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1122. Re: Learn by heart,English Book !

お名前: Ry0tasan
投稿日: 2009/12/6(11:39)


Dear Mr, or Ms., Diamond:

Heinrich Schliemann,
or how he became good at a number of languages,
was very well noted among serious language learners,
when I was young.
I'm certain
that men like Dr. Noguchi and Dr. Kunihiro
made the same attempt.

Schliemann's way of learning language
was different from the common way
in these points:

1. He made use of long stories,
rather than short examples,
language rules,
or wordbooks.

2. He never put his material into his mother language.

3. He took time reading the book out loud.

4. He came to keep the long stories in his memory.

5. His father was a churchman
and he was used to reading the Bible out loud
and probably used to giving voice to church songs.

6. He was very much interested in
Greek and Latin.

Some of these may be the key to learning language.

He made no use of graded readers,
probably because he had no chance of
getting one.



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