Learn by heart,English Book !

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1118. Learn by heart,English Book !

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2009/12/4(18:32)


Hi to all!

I've ever read the book written by Heinrich Sclieman about his life which titled 'Passion for Ancient Era'.
Through this book,he 's mensioned his way of learning foreign language.And also Japanese scientific reserchars,Dr.Noguchi Yukio,has showed his method for study English through his book.
Mr. Sclieman has learnt by heart English by two books,what were "IVANHOE" and "The Vicar of Wakefield" by 6months!!
Adding ,Dr.Noguchi Yukio has showed and recommended his method using by Japanese High School English Text Book.
I think that is too heavy to do for me that to memorize two thick books.
moreover,I'm a "Tadokisuto" you know,that methodology is just right for us ?
Exactly,"Tadokisuto's motto is Learning English with enjoy,not study one.I know,and I agree with this motto.
But,I wanna earn the english skills like Heinrich Sclieman 's.
And,I wanna imitate the curriculum for "RIKUGUN NAKANO GAKKO".
How about this issue do you think ?
Please tell me your opinions !
I'm looking forward to read your ones with joy.


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