What Should I Do Next?

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[う〜む] 1113. What Should I Do Next?

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2009/9/25(01:28)


I've ever read the books over ten million words count.
But,I can't listen and read more details what I want do.
I wonder that I need to study "English" from basic level?
Such as,I read and listen to the "English Through Pictures" or the work book for elementary school students.
By the way ,I feel that I never never compare myself with other people especially on this site.
Moreover,I'm an indivudual trader who take positions in the Chicago and N.Y via the internet.Still now ,I've been under pressure when I need to talk to them is American Broaker's clerk. At this point ,I feel that is very terrible matters,from bottom of my heart.
Anyone kind person(Guy or Lady)!Please teach or give me your good suggestions what shoud I do? Or,How do I do?
Thanx U!


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