Re: I love this three!

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1111. Re: I love this three!

お名前: 久子
投稿日: 2008/2/2(23:13)


Hi ako.
It’s me His-ako!

〉Yes ! And we also have another magic 3.

〉1. No dictionary
〉2. Skip all I don't know
〉3. Throw the book away, if it's boring(笑)

〉We already have golden 3, hurray!

Oh! I had forgotten very important three!
I love this three.
When I was a student, I don’t know how to learn or study English.
Reading English books that you can read or want to read.
It is an easy way for me.
And my English skill has been up.
We are lucky to know this three.

〉〉Why did I make such a mistake?

〉Your fingers are cute.(^^)

But I prefer you say I have beautiful fingers.(It's joke.)
My fingers have made many mistakes.
I doubt my fingers never ever type without mistake.

See you!



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