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1110. Re: Dead Until Dark

お名前: ドラちゃん
投稿日: 2008/2/1(02:02)


Good evening, Hisako.
It's me, Dora.

〉Thanks your reply.
〉I’m sorry if you scared to read my article.

Ooooh !!
Don't be sorry for my chicken heart !

I have a book corner on my bed side.
The books which I would like to read as next, are stacked

# Today, I counted the number of books on
# my book corner. There are 41 books.
# How plenty the next books I have !!!

When I receive book delivery, I usually stack new books
on my book corner in order to be able to see their covers
at any time and to pick one of them when I would like to.

When I received Darren Shan, first I stacked these books
on my book corner as my usual way. Then I had to see
these horrific cover-pictures every time I saw my book
corner. My heart gradually got colder and colder.

So I decided to hide these books out of my sight.

〉I have no idea how many people in this BBS have interest in romance with vampires.

I think plenty of people might be interested in vampire
Probably they might be simply not familiar with writing

I've encountered some interesting incident the other day.
Would you like to hear me ?

I met some girl in my favorite bar for the first time.
She was in her middle of twenties.

We talked and talked about each other's stuff.
I talked that I have a lot of fun with the extensive
reading, how the extensive readings are going on, and then
I talked about my horrific experience.

I never told the books were Darren Shan. Simply I told
it was a kind of vampire stories.

But, suddenly, she said in Japanese.
"Perhaps, it might be Darren Shan, isn't is ?"
I surprised, and said.
"Why did you know that ?"
She said.
"Oh! Actually, I've read all of Darren Shan books in Japanese."
"These were so much fun to me !!"

I couldn't believe this !
Well, I've certainly seen the Japanese translation of Darren
Shan in Amazon.
But how I could imagine there was one of such book's readers
sitting in the next of my bar chair !!

〉Maybe nobody would reply that article.
〉But I don’t care.
〉I want to write it here. That’s all.
〉Of course if someone would reply I’m very happy!
〉Thank you!

You're welcome.
And I know what you say.

Recently, the number of resident member on this chatting
board seems to decrease gradually.

Since I've been interested in communicating in English,
whenever somebody posted an article, I always considered
how I could reply it.
I can also understand what the feeling if someone finds out
that there could be no replies anymore.

But I sometimes couldn't write a reply because I was not
familiar with the topic, I was not interested in the topic
or it was seemed to be not an appropriate topic to discuss.

〉I found Darren Shan at the library.
〉I was surprised at its horrible book cover.
〉I don’t laugh at you scared Darren Shan’s book cover.
〉I don’t want to see it, too.

Oh! You don't, too ?

〉But I have A BOOK JACKET! I use it. I don’t see its cover.

Yeah !! I know !
It's definitely necessary item for you !

Recently, I've purchased a book jacket, too.
But it can cover up to pocket size of PBs and my Darren Shan
books aren not pocket size. (Tears...)

〉I began to read it.
〉Its story is like manga of SYOUNEN JUMP.
〉Its theme is friendship and justice.
〉I enjoyed it. But I feel something uncomfortable ending.
〉I remember I don’t like horrible stories.

Thank you for telling me your impression for Darren Shan.
I will try to read it if I have the way not to see its cover.

〉By the way do you like American music?
〉There is a vampire whose name is Bubba in Dead Until Dark.
〉Bubba isn’t a normal vampire.
〉May be he got something wrong accident when he became a vampire.

〉He was a famous singer.
〉He was from Memphis.
〉He was six feet over tall, has black wavy hair.
〉Do you know who he is?
〉I don’t know.
〉I have no interest in American music.
〉And I believe Bubba is Budda.
〉Its sounds like Buddha. So I thought he was Asian American.
〉I never know famous Asian American singer in USA.

Unfortunately, I am not enough familiar with American

But from early '90s, the players, especially rappers or DJs,
seem to prefer to use unusual English spelling in their
playing names.

〉I read Japanese version Dead Until Dark.
〉In that book Budda is “ババ”.
〉I checked English version.
〉I found I was misunderstanding Bubba is Budda.
〉I searched on the Internet.
〉I got an answer soon.
〉Oh! He is very famous. Of course I know him!

〉I’d be pleased if you laugh with my misunderstanding story.

I think your article is pretty funnier than mine.
I love it !

See you.



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