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[喜] 1108. Re: Maybe...

お名前: ドラちゃん
投稿日: 2008/1/31(05:31)


Hi, Hisako.
This is Dora.

〉I don't remember much what my kid said when he was little.
〉When he wanted to say something to me, he began with "あのね うーんとね それでね".
〉Isn't it three words?

Yup! I think so.
Kids might be unable to feel themselves settled down without
those kinds of three words.

〉Most of the time he couldn't talk to on and on.
〉I believe he might forget what he wanted to say.

Un-Un. (Grinning...)

〉I think three is a magic number for people.
〉But I don't know why.
〉There are many three around the world.
〉For example

During reading next part, I was always smiling, sometimes
laughing loudly...

〉MOURI's three arrows lesson
〉One arrow is easy to break.
〉But we have three arrows here. Why don't you try?
〉This is what the lord (MOTONARI MOURI) asked his sons.

This idea makes sense. Ummm.

〉The third planet of the solar system is the earth.

I don't know whether this circumstance would be related or not.

# I would be scared if there were surely very deep relation,
# even though no one knows this important matter. (Grinning..)

By the way, I recently have read that you had been in scientific
course, on other board.
I'm also scientific person, originally.

The reason why we can chat like this way might relate to this
circumstance, I think.

〉What is RGB?
〉It's the three primary colors.
〉Red, Green and Blue.

This should be one of the important things.

〉Three major nutrients
〉protein, carbohydrates and fat.

I think it seems to indicate that most of human beings have
been regarding, from ancient period, the Best Three is major
potency and the rests are just minors.

〉The Olympics medals are gold, silver and bronze.

This is same as above.

〉The three monkeys.
〉not to see, not to hear, not to tell.

You finally got me !!
I can't stop myself laughing at the moment I saw this line.

〉When I suggest solution for my customers, I make three plans.
〉Most of customers are pleased that they can choose the plan.
〉On my experience three is the best.
〉Two is too little. Four is too much.

I know. I know how important it is.
To suggest alternate solutions must be very important in order
to acquire your customer's convince and trust.

Who knows they need three ways of alternate solution ?
But it's always three, even in my experience.

〉Maybe three is an important number for all people.
〉Even children feel it.

I think you're right.
Four is too much, two is too little.

〉See you!

Thank you !
Your sense certainly brought me much laughter.

〉I changed this articles title.
〉First one is "Maybe tree is a magic number."

Yes. Yes.
I saw your typo during my work.

At the first sight, I thought your article might be supposed
to mention about "Magic Tree House" books.

But after I began to read it, I totally forgot this idea,
since your article made me laugh.

〉I laugh at my article title.
〉I wanted to write THREE.
〉But I wrote TREE!!!!!
〉Why did I make such a mistake?

It happens all the time.

Maybe your fingers were going to make it funnier.
Because we truly love the funniest things, don't we ?

See ya !



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