Re: Dead Until Dark

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1101. Re: Dead Until Dark

お名前: 久子
投稿日: 2008/1/30(08:40)


Hello Dora.

Thanks your reply.
I’m sorry if you scared to read my article.

I have no idea how many people in this BBS have interest in romance with vampires.
Maybe nobody would reply that article.
But I don’t care.
I want to write it here. That’s all.
Of course if someone would reply I’m very happy!
Thank you!

I found Darren Shan at the library.
I was surprised at its horrible book cover.
I don’t laugh at you scared Darren Shan’s book cover.
I don’t want to see it, too.

But I have A BOOK JACKET! I use it. I don’t see its cover.
I began to read it.
Its story is like manga of SYOUNEN JUMP.
Its theme is friendship and justice.
I enjoyed it. But I feel something uncomfortable ending.
I remember I don’t like horrible stories.

By the way do you like American music?
There is a vampire whose name is Bubba in Dead Until Dark.
Bubba isn’t a normal vampire.
May be he got something wrong accident when he became a vampire.

He was a famous singer.
He was from Memphis.
He was six feet over tall, has black wavy hair.
Do you know who he is?
I don’t know.
I have no interest in American music.
And I believe Bubba is Budda.
Its sounds like Buddha. So I thought he was Asian American.
I never know famous Asian American singer in USA.

I read Japanese version Dead Until Dark.
In that book Budda is “ババ”.
I checked English version.
I found I was misunderstanding Bubba is Budda.
I searched on the Internet.
I got an answer soon.
Oh! He is very famous. Of course I know him!

I’d be pleased if you laugh with my misunderstanding story.
See you!



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