Re: I don't know why.....but.........

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1100. Re: I don't know why.....but.........

お名前: ako
投稿日: 2008/1/29(13:20)


I feel like saying like this,
"Woooow, I feel the same as you, kids,
(I mean this"kids" said the same thing three times,
run, Rola, run,
ako says yes,
one two three,
this is fun!"

Yes, just fun, fun for me.
Rhythmical. Comfortable. Like riding on clouds in the sky!
I feel like even dancing!
Crazy? Clumsy? Crooked?(笑)

Oh, sorry, I should have written my name, first.
I forgot.

Hello, Dora, I'm ako.
Nice to see you, here in this "Chat with SSS friends in English"
for the first time!

Long time no see you, this board.....
I haven't come here for a loooooooong time.
Sigh.........(like Snoopy)
Besides, I never have any chance to use English like this!

Only reading, only shadowing, only listening.
In, in, in!
Wow, I happen to say three times.
No speaking, no writing, no using.
No, no, no!

You gave me a good chance.
Today is a special day for me. Jan.29,2008? OK.

Well, I should move on to your main topic.

I don't know why.
I can't explain any.
But the only thing I can say about saying the same thing three times is that makes me like that, that I wrote above.

Then I'm waiting for someone who can tell more about this topic.

Thank you, Dora.
This is a wonderful chance for me to write English, ummm, wait,
to use English, ummm, wait, wait,
something different..........
ahhhhh.........yes, to communicate!
To communicate with a real person in English!

Thank you!



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