Re: Dead Until Dark

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1098. Re: Dead Until Dark

お名前: ドラちゃん
投稿日: 2008/1/27(21:39)


Hi, Hisako.

Are you still looking forward to a reply to your article from anyone ?
I wanted to reply you but I couldn't.

The reason why I couldn't reply is I have been frightened any kind
of grotesque stories from my kid's period, like horrors, splutters,
even though some of these are comedy of horror.

About the end of last year, I was looking for the kid's book
series which is YL5 and I found the series of Darren Shan which
is also a vampire story.

I wondered whether I should buy this series or not, but as my
usual way, I ordered both first volume and second volume of
Darren Shan.

Soon I received an Amazon box but as soon as I opened the box,
huge regret came to my mind.

"I can't see these kind of picture on the cover anymore..."

Then I hid these books into the bottom of my unread-books-box.
After that, I could get back peaceful mood in my mind.

My story which is written in this article is real one.
But I would be pleased if you could laugh with my stupid story.

That's the only one reason I can write this article although
it's may be too late.

See you.



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