Dead Until Dark

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1094. Dead Until Dark

お名前: 久子
投稿日: 2008/1/19(13:28)


Hello, I'm Hisako.

I read “Dead Until Dark”.
It is my first paranormal romance book I've ever read.
I enjoy reading it.

Heroine is a barmaid.
She has long blond hair and a quite attractive looking.
But she never has a boyfriend, because of her special talent.
She is a telepath. She can read any human’s mind.
If you have a same talent, would you like to date or sleep with a man(woman) whom you know what thinking?
Of course I won't.

She met an attractive guy whom she cannot read his mind.
He is a handsome. But his skin is unnaturally white.
He ordered synthetic blood.
So he is a vampire!!!!!!
She feels comfortable staying with him and fall in love with him.

In this book Japanese invented synthetic blood.
Vampires can live on synthetic blood.
They live without feeding from human.
So human and vampires live together!
What a wonderful world!

But some people don't welcome to have neighbors who are vampires.
A terrible case happened.
A barmaid who worked with Heroine was killed by someone.
The Police found the body had a vampire's biting mark!

This book's level is about YL6.
It is not difficult.

It is like Japanese two hours mystery dramas.
If you want to read typical vampire novels, I don't recommend this book.
If you want to light mystery, you'd enjoy it.
If you want to read in Japanese, you are lucky enough this book was translated into Japanese.
Its title is "満月と血とキスと".

Enjoy your reading!
See you!


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