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[電球] 1093. Awoke

お名前: はまこ
投稿日: 2008/1/19(09:47)


Hi, Dora and everyone.
This is Hamako.

I awoke from a good rest.
The "rest" means that I've been really enjoyed my new life.
I got a new family.
We have had two boys. And this time was a girl.
She is a very very cute!
And you know each time you got a dear love,
you will become more and more mature.
I've had a variety of experiences.

So, I was not interested in English than I used to be.
Of course I'm not tired of English.
I've enjoyed with it whenever I touched it.
It's just because of changing my environment.

But recently, there are changing within me again.
I realized that last Sunday.
At first, I was aware of a faint feeling of something
when I was starting to read a book,
which called "脳を活かす勉強法" by 茂木健一郎,
in the bathtub.

I got a sparkle in my head.
And I thought, "I know this sense!"

I read the book little by little when I got some spare time to read it.
My first impression was getting stronger.

"I'd got these sense every day since I started the extensive listening and reading!
I forgot it because I've been very busy with happy life
after I got my daughter.
Of course raising kids are a fantastic and artistic work.
But therefore I forgot these sparkles!"

This is the most important my method.
Always there were linking that raising my kids and studying my English.
Now I feel I have more matured because I added another jewel (my kid).
So I guess my English become more mature, too.

May be you know when you were in a creative mode.
You can see, not only feel something but you actually see well
various things with your mental eyes.
Also you surely understood you can receive whatever you want,
it would have been drifting or floating around you and
when you called it, it comes for you.

If you had a question, you got the answer while you've done
an another thing or you read a book or KEIJIBAN,
it'd told about a different topic which you had hold the question.
But you suddenly realized and got the answer or more.

In your head, there were sparkles here and there.
You just let these sparkles go on and you could get many new
information that lead you to your next stage.
And you got these opportunity a dozen times,
it seems to extraordinary times.
You can discover the new things to you every day.

It is a very very very thrilling and exciting!
And you'd felt if you had been in a dark room and suddenly
you came out to under the bright sun with clear sky.

There were waving after flooding of ideas and power and
it comes from deep inside you.
And you'd felt if you could soar up into the sky
and you could go to the end of the world and there would be no end.

Also you certainly felt the linking with everyone and everything.
It's a quite comfortable feeling.

These all things are for me now again.

I think I've got a good rest since I had a baby in my body.
I could take a shower of a great love through myself.
That are my husband, my kids , my family, my friends,
and may be unaware people,
and of course it came from nature, too.

And sure, definitely, you, Dora. (and you!)
Dora, there is no doubt. It's you.
You are one of a person who called me.
And I called a person and it was you.
Thank you, thank you Dora!

Now, the time comes.
I move to the next stage.
I can progress more and more.

〉Could you give me some of your recommendation for learning
〉Mother Goose's rhyme, songs and stories when you have enough
〉time ?

OK. It's my pleasure.
Please wait for a while.
I've been very busy...

Bye, now.


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