Re: 'bout my vocabulary is less.

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606. Re: 'bout my vocabulary is less.

お名前: スニフ
投稿日: 2016/8/16(08:24)




で、それより上の語数を目指したいとなると、例えば「vocabulary is less」みたいな表現をもっと気の利いたカッコいい言い方ができないか、みたいなことなんでしょうかね?


# あ、勿論、辞書を読むのが苦痛のタイプの人には奨めません。辞書を引いたときに、つい前後の単語まで読んでしまうようなタイプの人限定です。


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607. Re: 'bout my vocabulary is less.

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2016/8/16(18:13)


Good evening,Mr or Ms. Snif?(laugh)Anyway, I have to give my thankful mind for you from bottom of my heart.'No responsibility?'No,never,please don't care for your opinion or advice
for me.

Yeah,exactly,that's it,as you mean for my english level,maybe.
however,i really have read retold english books such as 'Graded Reader' you know.Anyway,i used to read from GR books to exsiting english novels for kids as native ones,for example,A to Z Mystery,
Harry Potter,Holes,and much more books,i could never write all,i have read books' name.MMoreover,i used my english on my bussines in HK,Bangkok,and Singapore RafflesPlace,sure i live in the international finance field you know.Just 'Plain English' not more sophistiated One like BBC english she is spoken in the hotel Penninshula TST kowloon HK!Ha-ha.The 3rd floor.You know i mean.

〉で、それより上の語数を目指したいとなると、例えば「vocabulary is less」みたいな表現をもっと気の利いたカッコいい言い方ができないか、みたいなことなんでしょうかね?
Not i wanna intend to earn my english more cool or smart ones,just i feel when i use english at all the time,anythin' i dono' know what they are in my brain.But i understand that i have lack for my vocasburaly in english.So,i have written about my coplain about the problem in my english skills at this site is very seriously.Not kidding.In japanese way of english study plan or scheme that i have learned to one in junior high and after dropped out in my 4year college,i studied many ways of learning english at that time,step by step,i felt that i needed to do for my english skills as Zen spirits.(laugh)So,after that period,i subscribed the english newspapers,such as,Wall Street Journal Asia,Financial Time,Japan Times and monthly magazine named 'The Economist' is published in UK and printed maybe in Singapore,maybe yes or not.So,Japanese News stand guy has given me 'Finacial and Investment Terms Dictionary',and then i have read that one ,not use or learned ones with that dictionary.But,i feel now yet,it's not enough levels for my english skills on my job running.
So,i anyway last read the many kinds of book or magazine,but i feel that i do that ones with verry terrible or pain in my brain.(Even though,i am not mental sickness patient.)I wonder if where or what th way of i better do to get more english skills,at all the time is my target i wanna solve by myself.OK?

What about your opinion if you have,i use the English words book for Japanese Senior High students with CD's?No?just in my feeling,i do not wanna take the way like japanese students do for enrollment of university exams.

〉# あ、勿論、辞書を読むのが苦痛のタイプの人には奨めません。辞書を引いたときに、つい前後の単語まで読んでしまうようなタイプの人限定です。
Maybe that's me !I always search for word's meaning in my monolingual dictionary,i often read or take my eyes on the other word's pain without my concious mind.Thanx,for your advice.

Anyway,you have given me your advice,i appreciated you.Ciao!再見!

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608. Re: 'bout my vocabulary is less.

お名前: スニフ
投稿日: 2016/8/17(11:13)






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609. Re: 'bout my vocabulary is less.

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2016/8/17(23:01)


Good evening,Mr Snif!How's your traditional obon holidays? You feel being relax?Me?Maybe,fine,it's too much hot and muggy days in tokyo japan in a row rather than HK or Singapore.Just by my feeling.
Anyway,i tell you my thankful mind for you and your worm hearts at your reply.But,i don't think about my english that i am good at one,i could speak english very fruently than you imagine.Just i do for my occupation.English is spoken as common language among our world as financial field.Anyway,thanx you!Not bera bera english,i guess.(laugh)

My vocaburaly level is so much high one same as you wondered about my
english.Maybe,almost japanese college's students could use english more smart,i think.And,i agree with your insisted point about my english linguistical level especially word's level is lower,i do.So,one of the problem i have of my english is that icould speak or use english is not more smart level's words.So,i wondered about this matter to solve by myself,just now yet is what i better do my english word's stage be stronger and stronger,by something like that.But,i don't know about what i should do for them.Now,i think about that in this summer holidays.This is reason that i have written about my english matters to think about by myself at all the time.But,i feel to my brain working is now its limit and near there, this so funny?But,i'm very serious about this things in my brain.Now yet,no answer in my brain.Ah-oh!

All of the first,i feel be tired when i face on english is 3stuations,maybe.First one is that i read the bussines documents or e-mails(not sexy chat),sure in financial world.I always am tired after read that ones.Just in my opinion is very toughest level's word that they use in their documents or e-mails,is very hard works for me.
Second point,when i call on the line with abroad from japan or HK even in Singapore,not face to face.But,this point i have is that i have read anyone's homepage that said 'We always use langage during we take a chat or conversation,just only 20%',after i read this article,Umm i understand about this insist's point.In even case,we use japanese maybe,we search out imformations without language,for example,face,mouth's figure eyes,etc,etc.I figured out this point,but a bit.
Last point,When i discuss our bussines members about our worls agenda
sure in english.I could tell my opinions for my friends on my job,but i take my heart feelings is not correctlly,i alaways think about this point or obstacle.

i wonder if you maybe graduated from japanese universty faculty of the economics?you mean 'Marginal utility'.I have ,n the other hands,
'Economics's books' a few,but hey are now yet sleeping in my book shelf,sorry my books,and 'tycoon of Economics's Academical Field'.
Anyway,i gonna be sleepy,and anyone tell me'It's time to go to your bed'just my feelings.By the way,i tell you 'Good Evening',and see you next time.I wish you have a nice dream.Me? Sure,i sleep on my bed with book named 'calculus'(laugh)



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