'bout my vocabulary is less.

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[質問] 605. 'bout my vocabulary is less.

お名前: 赤いダイヤ
投稿日: 2016/8/14(23:16)


Hi,there.I have written about my enlish problem for learning English,
sure as foreign language,i always faced on my english words level is less.'Cause i feel at all the time when i read the english books from Graded Reader to Paperback for my bussines,sure finance.
Exactlly,maybe i felt about my reading skills is not lower level,but anything i don't know about my english skills is enough level.
Just in my,english educational history,i have begun to study english when i was 6th grade in elementary school.So,i got my english tutor,native person who he lived near my house at that time.He was former US marine soldier during WW2 time,so his attituede for my lesson was very hard and toughest one.Due to his lessons,i maybe gotta a bit correct pronunciations for english for taking conversations,sure in english.But,i have never learned any time for english in my senior high student for in my junior high student's english teacher.She has jealous of my english pronunciations and attituede during i took her clas room for english.So,she has gave me score as english required subject was empty of 5 rank!Even though,i have taken all kinds of exam 100 score,i got at junior high.So,i was just kid,i deny to study english in senior high.So,after graduated from senior high,i have restarted to learn english,but i did not want to do for japanese university exam for enrollment.i now look out my english skills,i have lack maybe english vocaburaly when almost japanese average students did required subjects as english.I did not do that.Anyway,so,i wonder if i think about my english study plan is what kinds of subject,i have to do or better do in order to get more english skills,anymore.Surely,i am in the terrible sutuations 'bout learning english.Anyone,listen to me and read my long sentences in english(Thanx),if you have any kind of suggestions for my thinking in my brain,tell me,please.Thanx!See you all,Enjoy reading and learning
english for your ways!


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