Re: A hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems

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1592. Re: A hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems

お名前: 柊
投稿日: 2020/1/5(11:57)



Ch’ü Yüan (332-295 B.C.) 屈原 Qu Yuan
Sung Yü (fourth century B.C.), nephew of Ch’ü Yüan 宋玉、甥説異論あり。Song Yu
Wu-ti (157-87 B.C.), sixth emperor of the Han dynasty 漢の武帝(BC 156-87)
Ssŭ-ma Hsiang-ju 司馬相如 Sima Xhangru
General Su Wu 蘇武
a Chinese Princess named Hsi-chün 江都公主?
Ch’in Chia (first century A.D.)  秦嘉 Qin Chia
Wei Wēn-ti, son of Ts’ao Ts’ao 魏の文帝曹丕、曹操の息子 Emperor Wen of Wei, Cao Pi, son of Cao Cao
Ts’ao Chih (A.D. 192-233), third son of Ts’ao Ts’ao 曹植 Cao Zhi
Liu Hsün’s wife (third century A.D.)  劉勲の妻 Lui Xun
Yüan Chi (A.D. 210-263) 阮籍 Ruan Ji
Chi K’ang (A.D. 223-262) 嵆康 Ji Kang
Fu Hsüan (died A.D. 278) 傅玄 Fu Xuan
Tso Ssŭ(third century A.D.) 左思 Zuo Si
Miu Hsi (died A.D. 245)  穆皇后呉氏 Empress Wu (Zhaolie)
Lu Yün (fourth century A.D.) 陸雲
T’ao Ch’ien陶淵明 Tao Qian, Tao Yuanming
Ch’ēng-kung Sui(died A.D. 273) 成公綏
Tsang Chih (sixth century)  曾子 Zengzi
Hsieh T’iao (fifth century A.D.)  謝朓 Xie Tiao
Pao Chao (died A.D. 466)  鮑照 Bao Zhao
Wu-ti, emperor of the Liang dynasty (A.D. 464-549) 南朝梁の武帝蕭衍
the Emperor Ch’ien Wēn-ti (sixth century)  隋の文帝楊堅?
Yüan-ti (508-554) 梁の元帝 Emperor Yuan of Liang
Hsü Ling (A.D. 507-583) 徐陵 Xu Ling
Ch’ēn Tzŭ-ang (A.D. 656-698) 陳子昂 Chen Zi’ang
Yüan Chieh (flourished _circa_ A.D. 740-770). 元載 Yuan Zai
Ts’ao Sung (flourished _circa_ A.D. 870-920) 曹松?
Su Tung-p’o (A.D. 1036-1101) 蘇東坡 Su Shi, Su Dongpo
Lu Yu (A.D. 1125-1209) 陸游 Lu You
PO CHÜ-I (A.D. 772-846) 白居易 Bai Juyi

Satire on paying calls in august By Ch’ēng Hsiao (_circa_ A.D. 250)
Tao-yün (_circa_ A.D. 400), wife of General Wang Ning-chih. The general was so stupid that she finally deserted him.
Chan Fang-shēng (fourth century A.D.)
Wang Chi (_circa_ A.D. 700)



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