Early New Year Present

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[楽] 251. Early New Year Present

お名前: モーリン
投稿日: 2004/1/1(06:13)


A happy new year, everybody!
This is Moring.
I accidentally got a new year present yesterday.
Guess what! It was 84 English paper backs.

I'm in Osaka now. And I stay my parents' house.
Yesterday evening I went to Cafe that I usualy visit when I'm in Osaka.
When I out the Cafe, I visited a small used book store next to the Cafe.
And I found English paper backs at a sale box outside the store.
Their prices are 100 yen each, because sale.
I picked up some. And I found most of them are children books.
There is a "THE CHOCOLATE WAR". There are some PUFFIN BOOKs.
Also I found a DAHL's book, "Switch Bitch", but this looks not for children.
Any way I wanted buy these books.
Then I had counted the number of them. 84, that was.
This said the cost for all of them was 8400 yen.
I thought this store usually does not sell English books.
Then I went to check counter for asking more discount.
I asked a man at the check counter how much I must pay if I would buy all of them.
At last he gave me discount, or had offered 7300 yen for 84 books.
I had agreed that offer, and bought them all.

I think almost books are level 4 to 8.
Then I may read these books near future.
But if average word count of these books is 30,000 words,
there are 2,520,000 words for 84 books.
This mean I may use whole this new year for these books?

Happy Reading in this new year, too!


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